Huawei planning 8-core processors and world’s thinnest phone for later this year

January 11, 2013

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The folks from Huawei had a pretty impressive showing this year at CES. We were live at their press conference where they unveiled two new exciting flagship smartphones. The first being a 6.1-inch Ascend Mate phablet, as well as a few others. Today however new details are surfacing that later this year they'll be taking on Samsung and others with some next-gen smartphones.

During CES Samsung announced their upcoming Octa-core (yes 8-core) Exynos processor for later in 2013, and Huawei wasted no time by confirming they'll be doing the same. Late last year Huawei launched the Ascend P1S as the "world's thinnest smartphone" and this year they plan to do the same and beat anyone around in terms of a sleek phone.

So how do those go together? According to the folks at Engadget Huawei's own Richard Yu confirmed both the 8-core processor and a new Ascend "P" series phone would arrive together in the second half of 2013. If you thought Huawei's devices from CES were impressive, wait until you see what they're planning for later.

We were able to get hands-on with the new Ascend Mate 6.1-inch phablet, and their 5-inch 1080p Ascend D2 live at the show, and both of those are available for your viewing pleasure below. Huawei didn't give any details on their 8-core processor or their upcoming phones but surely we'll be seeing both late February in Spain for Mobile World Congress. So stay tuned as we'll be there live too. I'm not sure we're ready for octa-core phones, but they are coming so lets embrace it.

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  • casperi

    Wow, their lastest phone isn’t even out yet and now they have
    A replacement that will crush their not even released one?
    Im all for tech and moving forward and that goes for all the companies
    But this rate of release is getting insane. It once was that when you
    Bought a phone it was good for atleast a year or maybe a little more.
    Now your phone isnt even good for 4 months when the next version
    Comes out. Yes your old and tired phone will work past four months but who doesnt
    Wants to be left behind “dragging that old phone” along when , hey look
    Its the brand new x version. And let’s remember alot of people sign
    A two year contact to get that latest phone. By the time 2 years
    Are up that beater of a phone is like 80 in human years.
    I know I get it we all like and want the latest and greatest but
    When that is only good for 4 months now I think people are going
    To start having resentment at this pace and just choose to get
    Off the marry go round. I also wonder when we hit the ceiling
    On the current development type of mobile platform. Right now
    Its one big slew of glass and for pick between two different os.
    What will be the next jump?

    • Anonymous

      no one is forcing you to buy every model that comes out

      • krudd

        What if they actually are?

      • casperi

        Oh thats right. Im just making the point that increase of mobile phone releases use to give us a less period of time that our phone we bought stays at that top. What once was a year or a little more Is now reduced down to a 4 month time table. Say even take laptops, you buy whatever brand and its usually on top for say even two years or so. Sure they come out with a revised verions but at least its a minor jump in tech not a full blown replacement thats packed with new tech that makes your four month old
        Phone obsolete in now in a time frame of four months. For one company I hate but has gotten it right would be apple. They release a new phone once a year or longer so the user doesnt feel like he own an old brick.

      • Anonymous

        but they can’t just stop progressing because some customers can’t wait long enough.

        that’s the way tech is and should be. if tech doesn’t move forward at neck breaking speeds, then something is wrong.

        if anything, apple has shown that tech advances at a speed that exceeds a yearly product announcement. their i products are being replaced or announced now within 1 year (see iphone 4s to iphone 5, and ipad3 to ipad 4.. more to follow for sure)

        sorry you feel that tech should slow down and take a break just to make you happy but that’s just not the way it works 🙁

  • krudd

    Huawei can’t even come close to competing with anyone except for maybe nokia, most companies are lightyears ahead. Huawei doesn’t understand why they design products except to compete with others, while others have enough R&D to innovate for another two years. Ever seen huawei software? It’s absolute crap and is even worse than ios. That says a lot