Huawei has been cranking out new devices on a fairly regular schedule. Just in the previous few weeks we saw the Ascend P6S and Ascend Mate 2. But along with smartphones and phablets, Huawei also has some devices in the tablets space. And judging from a recently discovered Tenaa filing, we may soon see an announcement for the MediaPad X1.

So far there hasn’t been any hints as to when an official announcement may arrive. In the meantime though, we are seeing a decent amount of specs courtesy of the Tenaa filing. For clarification, the Tenaa is from China and similar to what the US has with the FCC. That said, the Huawei MediaPad X1 will be a 7-inch tablet sporting a display resolution of 1920 x 1200 and ppi of 323.

Other specs include a 1.6GHz Hisilicon 910 Kirin processor with 2GB of RAM and Mali-450 GPU. There was only one image of the tablet, except while that image shows the front, back and both sides — it is on the smaller side. You can get somewhat of a look as the image sits below.


Measurements coming from the filing suggest the tablet will be on the thin side — at 7.5mm. In comparison, the 2013 model Nexus 7 is 8.7mm thick. The MediaPad X1 is also said to weigh in at 239 grams. Again, looking towards the Nexus 7 for comparison, the 2013 model weighs in at 290 grams. Seems like Huawei has a thin and light tablet in the works.

One disappointment comes in the version of Android. The filing notes the MediaPad X1 will be running the not-so-new Android 4.2. With that, while we would have hoped to see something newer in terms of Android, one saving aspect could be the pricing. But again, we are going to have to wait for the official announcement from Huawei before we see how that plays out.

VIA: The Droid Guy

  • Richard Yarrell

    Still putting out old software on new hardware in 2014. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole

    • squiddy20

      Yes because the average consumer cares only about what version of Android a given device runs. What a joke.

    • Kumiho917

      Yeah, this tab running Android 4.2 is a BIT of a letdown, but considering the amazing specs that it could have, I think it’ll be a rather strong competitor to at least SOME of the popular 7-inch tab brands, if not the number choice for a lot of people.

  • Atul Malhotra

    I m eagerly waiting for Huawei’s first Windows 8 tablet …. But 238 grams , 7.5 mm and zero side bezel got me seriously excited ! Its just that I couldnt hate Android more …