If there’s one thing that’s important about a phone, it’s how thick it is. Yes, no matter how powerful a phone is, what its capabilities are, how much it costs, what carrier it’s on, what part of the world it’s distributed in, what color it is, who manufactures it, how big its display is, what kinds of outputs it’s got, what kind of media it can access, or whether or not it can stand up with a built-in kickstand. No, it’s the thickness. Or the thinness!

Of course it’s the absolute thinness, right? It’s HTC, and as far as HTC is concerned very recently, there is only one perfection in overall form, and it’s the size you’ve most recently seen in the HTC Inspire 4G, HTC ThunderBolt, HTC EVO 3D, and oh – does that mean the ThunderBolt and the EVO 3D are essentially the same size? It sure as heck does.

But there is a bit extra popping up the back of the HTC EVO 3D for its 3D camera, and if you’d like to know, the kickstand is not included because that area where the kickstand would normally be is taken up by a fat battery. Also, if you add the extended battery on to the HTC ThunderBolt there’s no contest – like a two story house verses a one. Also take a peek at a couple other close-up shots of the HTC EVO 3D we’ve got here and get ready for the full review down the line.

  • Anonymous

    i thought evo 3d would be thinner than optimus 3d. i was wrong…

    • totally wrong dewd

      • Anonymous

        and evo 3d is even heavier but only by 2 grams.

      • it seemed rather close!

      • Mdub609

        Evo 3d is going to smoke all other phones on the market. 3d display or not the specs kill everything and sense UI rules. The thunderbolt is a nice handset but its already outdated and Verizon is insanely expensive so fuck big red.

      • Homer Simpson


  • JL

    Being that the phone is a bit thick, I dont mind.. I rather have a battery that will last me longer rather than a slim phone but ive got to say.. the kick stand missing is sad

    • there’s an official stand coming out that will bring it back, but i agree, no stand on the actual device makes me a little sad also

    • Jank5894

      Hey guys I feel the same way, but HTC and sprint actually worked on a case with a kickstand for this reason and the case is said to be pretty cool. So they say…

  • Crazy3445

    The EVO 3D is ok, but is battery life compromised? Like in the HTC Thunderbolt? I wish more smart phones had batteries like in the iPhone 4. Is 3D that great? Is it necessary? Phones used to be for calling, and now for gaming and watching movies?

    • not sure yet! maybe we’re in store for another tank situation

      • iH8Appl

        ummmm…tank?? I disagree 100%. The EVO 3D will be the best selling phone to date, surpassing the EVO 4G.

    • The Thunderbolt has 1400 mah battery and the Evo 3D has a 1750 mah and a dual core processor. It should be better…

    • Anonymous

      Personal Computers used to be for math and word processing. Times change, demand changes, devices change (not always in that order).

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry this Evo 3d will be much better battery wise than the original evo 4g that’s forsure….To much technology in one device for it to be worse battery wise. This is and will be the best device on the market in 2011…Htc did well by sprint THIS MAKES THE THUNDERBOLT LOOK LIKE THE THUNDERDUD…Htc’s new FLAGSHIP DEVICE IS THE HTC EVO 3D AND IT’S ON SPRINT NOT VERIZON

  • wtf?!? why the hell do i care how thin a phone is if its dual core cpu drains the battery in 6 hours! Even the motorola atrix under moderate usage only lasted around 6 hours an that has a 1930mAh battery!! ffs HTC get with it stop making phones that only just last one day. What happened to the phones of old that lasted a week. geez at least aim for one weekend without charge!!!

    • Dalaron1

      Android 2.3 is suppose to use less bettery than 2.2 and older versions of the OS. Don’t really know why the dual core will run the battery down faster since on a handful of app actually can make use of this. Outside of games all other apps aren’t really made for this. Its really useless at this point.

    • Anonymous

      Phones of old that lasted a week did 1/100th of what we require phones to do today. If you want to give up your Android handset and go back to a Moto Krazr or Razr, be my guest. You couldn’t pay me to. I use my phone as an alarm clock, so plugging it in at night is no bother for me. Then I get a full day’s use out of 40-60% of the battery capacity (on my hacked HD2, no less) using it constantly to check email, get push exchange mail, and keep me updated on about 3 feeds I have running constantly.

      Also, multi-core CPUs and GPUs are more efficient than their single core equivalents these days, owing to the fact that they dynamically scale their speed as needed. What drains the battery is terribly written apps that either keep the CPUs from sleeping properly, or constantly chatter on the data connection. Blame the software for that one, I’m afraid.