The folks from HTC have some pretty big plans for the rest of 2013. With Robert Downey Jr. set to spruce up HTC and their latest "Here's To Change" campaign, followed by a rumored HTC One Max smartphone, it should be an exciting few months. The 5.9-inch phablet is set to arrive in Q4 of this year, and we have a few suggestions on what it must have to be successful.

HTC is having a lot of fun with their new campaign letting fans and media come up with acronyms. HTC is whatever we want it to be. They go with Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran, Hot Tea Catapult, and a few others. We've seen funny jokes such as Help That Company, or Hang That CEO, but we want to mention something different. Ours is Hang The Cord.

It's all about battery life. The HTC One smartphone is already one of the best devices on the planet. It features one of the fastest mobile processors on Earth, they have stunning build quality with the aluminum frame, Beats Audio and exceptional front facing speakers, and a brand new Ultra Pixel camera technology that is quite promising. So where does HTC almost always fail? Battery life!

[youtube OVE1OcfB1E4]

Hang That Cord... or Hang That Charger. The HTC One Max promises to be their biggest device yet. Rumors suggest the 5.9-inch 1080p HD display will be powered by an even faster 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2 (or 3GB) of RAM. It will feature the same award-winning design, build quality, speakers, and software. Then reports mention a 3,300 mAh battery. This, right here, is what matters. It's the biggest chunk of power we've seen from any HTC device, and maybe it's a sign that things are truly a changing.

The Galaxy Note III will feature some stunning specs and be announced on September 4th. With a 5.68-inch display, the same Snapdragon quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera all powered by a 3,450 mAh battery. Samsung gets it! Their Note II before had a large 3,100 battery, all while the 5-inch HTC DROID DNA came in with a measly 2,020 mAh battery that barely made it through an 8 hour work day. If you were lucky.


Even the HTC One and that 2,300 mAh battery could be bigger. Samsung's Galaxy S4 is 2,650, and even LG's new G2 has a massive battery under the hood. We don't want to be an extension of the wall charger. No matter how stunning the phone is, how fast Blinkfeed delivers news, or how great the speakers sound while watching video we need have a phone that lasts all day. Motorola started this with the RAZR MAXX, Samsung followed, and now HTC appears to be catching on.

Next, is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. HTC will need to have the absolute latest Android 4.3 on board at launch, as the Note III will, and not launch with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and promise an update will arrive soon. They've done that too many times in the past, and they don't have a great track record with updates either.

Oh, and HTC, a micro-SD slot sure would be nice. You have more than enough room in that 5.9-inch chassis, so don't even try to say otherwise. Here's To Change. Here's to Chance! Give us a micro-SD slot to better compete with the Galaxy Note lineup. Make the battery massive so we can finally enjoy the phone and Hang The Cord, and launch with the absolute latest version of Android. That my friends, is something worth buying!

  • G2forme

    3,300mAh for 5.9 full hd display is poor…………

    LG G2 ‘s 3000mAh(Li-Polymer) for 5.2″ True FHD Display is way better…

    G2 is beautiful !

    • Gucci

      gtfo stupid LG fanboy

      • G2forme

        you called me stupid? just because i like G2? LOL!

        FUCK YOU!!!!!!

      • Sporttster

        So…how do you REALLY feel? Don’t hold back, now….let it all out….

  • LPF

    What, no mention of a stylus?

    • josh

      This guy knows what we really want lol that is the make or break for me if it didn’t have a stylus it’s a pointless phone

    • Bryce

      I’m wondering if the little smudge in the photo is blocking something big!

    • Jacob Kral

      Seriously it better have one, or else it’s completely pointless to be that large. And will not complete with the note line at all.

  • Robert

    Have you carried around an htc one? I was one of the biggest naysayers with regard to its choice of battery size, but I have to admit, I easily get 12 hours of heavy usage, and almost 24 hours otherwise. The otherwise includes streaming Pandora, and “heavy” is really only determined by on screen time.

    Yes, a bigger battery is always nice, but an efficient reasonably sized one is just as good it most situations. This is coming from a guy who carried a tbolt around. The one’s battery management is impeccable and I know it’s better than the gs4’s bigger battery in my household. More power efficient processors mean the days of NEEDING a droid maxx are gone for all but the extreme road warriors. I get you may not need the battery and that it’s always nice, but HTC has shown us they don’t have to get into a battery size pissing match with everyone for good battery life.

  • Carlyle

    Removable battery(not just for battery swapping, but for prolonging the device’s overall lifespan). MUCH smaller bezels(relatively) than on the One.

    3300 mAh with a 5.9″ display equals 34.378 mAh/cm2 on the screen. Lumia 920, HTC One Mini and HTC One all have have better numbers, and still they all have pretty poor battery life. Even a bigger battery probably wouldn’t be enough; there’s something else HTC is also doing wrong on the power efficiency front…

    • Gucci

      I’m trying my best not to swear at you. Look HTC, will not do removable batteries on the HTC One Series because of it’s uni body design, meaning it has no gaps. Secondly, overall life span is understandable, which is why HTC use Li-Po batteries, which last much longer than a LI-on battery that most other manufactures use – i.e Samsung (blowing up phones)

      • FYLegend21

        yet they have removable batteries in their latest Desire phones…

        The info in the article isn’t even accurate the S4 has 2600 mAh not 2650. Also Butterfly S has a larger battery than S4 but under the same power consumption test by Hardware Zone it did worse. That said, battery life tests aren’t always accurate and some users say the S4 has short battery life while some people say the Droid DNA had excellent battery life. Sharp’s LCD panel was meant to save a lot more power consumption than other panels so HTC went with a somewhat smaller capacity. HTC phones generally seem to drain more in browsing or watching videos but save a lot of power in standby and call times.

        As for the business of Android 4.3 vs 4.2 it’s more of HTC playing it safe. 4.2 was a bit buggy so they decided to initially use 4.1 on the One. Sadly North American users are still on 4.1. HTC appears to be deciding whether to give them 4.2 as the rest of the world already has or to give them 4.3…

        MicroSD slot is likely as it was rumoured from the start.

      • Charles Sweeney

        Gucci didn’t say that HTC won’t do removable batteries on their phones period, just the One series and he’s right if they stay true to their unibody design.

      • FYLegend21

        definitely not, just HTC haters want to make it seem like HTC is becoming like Apple.

        However, another point is that the Desire HD and Sensation had unibodies with a removable battery, a removable back cover is not needed, although some people find it more ugly as there’s black patches on the unibody where the battery and microSD and SIM cards go.

        There is a mysterious switch on the One Max it could be to take apart the case OR it could be an orientation lock…

        Another phone I’m wondering about is the One’s successor supposed to merge the Butterfly and One lines. I think it likely won’t have as big a battery as the Butterfly S which would increase the weight a lot… It would suck if it’s announced too early as the Butterfly S is only 1 month old.

    • Andyr

      I’ve got an htc one. It lasts longer than my noteb2 even doing the same thing. And build quality is better

      • Ur HTC One lasts longer than the Note II… that’s a stretch.

      • Charles Sweeney

        Why is that a stretch? Are you saying you know for a fact that Andyr doesn’t get better battery life on [HIS] HTC One compared to [HIS] Note 2? I had the Note 2 and now I have the HTC One and I can honestly say that my One gets better battery life than my Note 2 and I do the same things on each phone.

      • DieElop

        Nope, you are full of lies. Until I see you with a picture of the Note 2 with your One, you are pretty much making this up out of pure jealousy.

    • Treed

      Sorry, I don’t see how you have got these stats. For instance how could you possibly know the exact area of the screen when all you have been told is it has a 5.9″ display? Also if those numbers are correct I believe that is actually a higher result than the HTC One…

  • Jr

    I hope the screen isn’t going to be that big I like the size of my HTC one X!

    • Then buy the One

      Then stick with your freakin HTC One X or any of the other numerous phones out there that are the same size. The rest of us WANT a big 5.9′ screen, dumbass.

    • DieElop

      Then enjoy your one x whilst the rest of us pine for larger screens, don’t dictate what we can and can’t have with the size of the screen!

  • Overall life span is understandable, which is why HTC use Li-Po
    batteries, which last much longer than a LI-on battery that most other
    manufactures use

  • 3,300mAh for 5.9 full hd display is poor…………

    LG G2 ‘s 3000mAh(Li-Polymer) for 5.2″ True FHD Display is way better…

    • Luisito Mercado


  • nido

    What you’re looking for is: Hold The Charge


  • Surya

    HTC battery woes are never ending.. For a 5.9 display, pack a 4000mah and then
    I will look at HTC again.

  • Detox

    I agree with the first two, but I wish people would stop going on about SD card slots – the 32gb on my HOX is plenty adequate enough for 1 season of Breaking Bad a time, a couple of movies, a few big games and plenty of music, and all the rest of my music on the cloud. Why would you ruin the seamless design of the phone with with a flimsy SD card slot? Who even carries around spare SD cards anyway? The future is on the cloud, so please let’s move on from needing SD card slots on phones.

    • Because most carriers end up giving us the 16gb option first only, if not overall. Which is lame

    • marc_bernard

      The cloud becomes useless if your phone has poor reception, it’s only a good backup.

  • Prince Boateng Asante

    my htc one x Internal is not working so i need your help

  • guest-with-demands

    Removable memory A MUST!

    Here’s why:
    – your phone dies and you have to send it back. You have private personal data, private business data, heck… you may have patent pending ideas on there! There is no way you are sending the phone back WITH THE HARD WIRED MEMORY intact unless you are a complete idiot or brainwashed all-trusting lemming.

    The lack of removable memory in this phone would be such a shame, and a complete deal breaker for me.

  • SolarMan

    This thing better be ready to take on Samsung, otherwise HTC will continue to mean “Help The Competition”

  • Milkman84

    Needs better camera. The One has bested the iPhone in everything except the camera. No matter how good low light photos it takes the 4MP is way too small a resolution.

    • ed

      It is 4UP not MP.

  • Fred Chiang

    HTC did well with its butterfly s on battery life

  • L boogie

    I’m really looking forward to this phone and I agree with the bigger battery and the update however, the SD card is not a deal breaker for me provided HTC could unleash 32/64 hell, be the first Android OEM with a 128GB phone. I’ve been messing with HTC phones since the Incredible/Evo days and nothing has plagued their phones more than the battery life {3rd party companies helped ease that pain with their batteries courtesy of removable batteries} and even though, I’m loving my droid DNA & Note 2, the battery life especially in use on the DNA needs to be bumped up. On updates, HTC needs to be back on track again, they’ve been slipping for awhile now and could hope they release this phone with the latest Android os. And speaking of release, have color options from day one plus the aforementioned above and you’ll Hang the Competition.

    • Sporttster

      I’d consider the One Maxx ONLY if it had either a ton of inner memory-64gb or better- or a sd slot. That is it. If it has neither, neither will HTC have my money! HAS to have storage space! This is why I’m not even considering the new Moto lineup. Great phones….morons for limited storage…..forget em..

  • marc_bernard

    I don’t need a super camera, I have a DSLR. Battery life is not that important, simply a bonus, I can always plug it in. What I buy a phone for is to communicate with others that are not close by, I want a phone to be a phone and it can’t be one without good reception, it becomes a tablet. I can’t always haul a signal tower.

  • Kumaran N

    HTC One Max Specs has to be better than the butterfly s specs to carry the flagship image, so has to be minimum of 1.9 quad core – expect a 2.3 quad core or a 64 bit processor with good clock speed, with 3GB or so RAM, quiet likely to have a docking station or the sensor that recognizes your hand to switch the screen on… and of course the battery would be 3200mAh+ – so is it worth it? I think so, after my experience with Incredible S, for 2.5 years – the battery still lasts through the day with medium usage. HTC – Here’s The Change…..