Google has just released a pretty epic video over on YouTube showing off just how great their Google Play Store is, and the fact that you can rent movies and watch them anywhere. It’s all about Bananas and mirrors (watch the video.) In case you didn’t know. You can watch half of the movie on a PC, and the other half on your Android tablet. Look at you Google, getting all creative and stuff.

It might not be Netflix or Redbox in terms of selection, and the pricing can sometimes be a bit much if you ask me but Google’s been continuously working on movie rentals. Inking deals with multiple studios to bring hundreds or thousands of Movies to the Play Store and our Android phones and tablets. Check out this clever video that just blew my mind:

Pretty random video Google! Also in the usual Google fashion there are a few “easter eggs” hiding in the video that you should be able to find while moving your mouse around on the video. I spotted at least 4 but you’ll have to do the digging and searching on your own.

Do you use the Google Play Store for your movie rentals?

  • banjoonmyknee

    I don’t usually use Google Play to rent video because, well, that banana video is probably in their top 10 of content.

    I can do exactly the same thing with my Kindle Fire and Amazon movies and TV, only there I can actually watch stuff worth watching.

    • CharlesKGim

      I was interested in Amazon Prime but their movies suck. Netflix has more than them.

      • Yea and even Netflix ALWAYS lets me down. Their streaming instant options aren’t that great. I mean who doesn’t offer Pulp Fiction.. just saying.

      • banjoonmyknee

        Their movies are okay, but even there, I can get both Amazon and Netflix on my Kindle Fire. Amazon Prime’s paid TV content is excellent. HBO Content without having to pay for HBO / HBO Go. You can’t get season 1 of Game of Thrones on Netflix.

  • I might rent movies from Google Play, but they’re excluding rooted users.