It's still sometimes remarkable how some developers move swiftly to fix bugs, especially critical ones. It has just been a day since we reported on Google acknowledging an issue with the updated Play Store that has plagued many users and already Google has resolved the problem.

Some users have reported getting "Package File Invalid" error messages when updating some apps ever since Google rolled out the new version of its Play Store app. There has been no discernible pattern to the bug as it doesn't affect all apps nor does it affect all users of the same app.

Yesterday, Google acknowledged the issue by placing a ticket for it on its support site. Google has now found the cause of the problem and fixed it. Although it doesn't give any explanation or further detail, Google has marked the issue as fixed, which you can see by visiting the link below and expanding the "Fixed/Resolved" list.

There is no word on when or how the fix will be rolled out to users, but it seems to have reached a number of users already. Some have reported getting through the update process for affected apps. If you're one of those hit by this bug, do let us know if it's been fixed for you, too.

Source: Google

  • samantha657

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  • kp

    Yep – I had 2 apps that kept generating the Package File Invalid error and I just ran an update on both of them and they updated fine.

  • UO88

    I had this issue on a few of my apps. It was fixed after a day or so.

  • Gears….

    Google Play doesnt work for me. Running an S3….

  • Pritam

    I am still having invalid package file issue for 2-3 apps like temple run 2, hangout etc.. 🙁

  • lynne

    It is not fixed. I’m still getting the same error msg

  • ladysyze

    My google play store will not upload at all can’t even get my updates for the apps I have installed already

  • big_O1

    I received this error when attempting to install an app on Galaxy Tab2 that I purchased today, This issue is certainly not resolved.

  • Barb Kline-Dols

    ya well I still have OVER 12 apps that need Updating! and I’ve been getting now a new error pop up!
    so go fix that GP!!!!!! and I Still can’t even Download anything from GP!

    • Barb Kline-Dols

      got it fixed!!!!!!!! see my post above!

  • Anupam Bhattacharjee

    I get this error even now on my Sony Xperia Ion. Also my Play Store is getting stuck at times. I don’t think the bug is fixed or even if it is some of us have not received the update.

  • CloudRider

    getting this error every time I try to install yuilop

  • Nothappyjane

    It’s not fixed. 80% of my apps can’t be updated, still.

  • Sqube

    Marked as fix? I just got it 12 seconds ago.

    Fix harder, Google.

  • Curtis Snow

    I got the message just now downloading Yahoo Mail

  • Barb Kline-Dols

    go to phones Settings// go down to Accounts//from there click Google. then click uninstall.(you will not loose anything) Then reinstall it. do all the signing in etc. Now try again to do your updates! Got this info from Google help on phone call.

  • elly

    got this problem on my new LG Optimus E975. Using Google play store version 4.3.11
    Suggestion please…

  • DandyThar

    I have this issue in my Xperia S. How do I fix it? I could download and install Flashlight app but and Update some app s i am using such as WhatsApp but I could download any other apps or update Temple run2.

  • Ish

    Hasnt been fixed yet when I tried to download fb app today. Im on a Galaxy Young, even manually installed the new play store to the latest version which did not help. So I downgraded to version 3.something, entered play store which worked, tried downloading aswell, and i got the same error message. so it doesnt look like its play store app related, probably more towards a server error or the corruption of those apps for some reason or another. (I gues its the last).

  • Helen

    Trying to download now and have had the same error 3 times. Thought it was my crappy old phone but obviously not.

  • Ron

    The problem hasn’t been fixed yet. Trying to download Googles own Chrome Browser to my Archos tablet running 4.0.3 and I get the “Package file is invalid” error….

  • Kok

    Can’t update Whatsapp, Facebook and can’t install Wechat. Still getting package file is invalid.

  • Sventop

    Still cant instal some apps, because off “package file invalid”

  • ts



    Still unable to download certain apps. FIX THIS GOOGLE!!!

  • jojo

    Me too, Still unable to download. Please fix it asap, Thanks!

  • hoàng

    HTC one S download still Package file anvalid

  • Majd Houssami

    HTC one x problem not fixed

  • Rankun

    Fixed?? not at all. I’ve been having this problem for ages on my Samsung Galaxy note 2. It’s September 15. Google has NOT fixed the problem.

  • Sam

    Not fixed, getting worse on my Samsung S3! I deleted WhatsApp (so as to re-install with my new number- yes, you can’t just update WhatsApp somewhere if you change numbers or country codes), but it has been so frustrating trying to re-install it from Play Store. The package error message is unrelenting. I was advised to reboot to factory settings, which I did, but the problem persists and now I cannot also download Facebook. Does anybody know what is going on? So frustrating!

  • Riza

    Got the same problem on my Huawei Y300. I can’t reinstall Whatsapp. It keeps saying “Package File Invalid”. I rebooted and still same problem.

  • LJen

    Still not fixed for me. I can’t download WeChat on my AlcatelOneTouch918N and it keeps saying “Package file is invalid”. I downloaded it for about eight times but still the same problem…

  • D23

    LOL…this problem is most certainly not fixed. Just bought a new phone and I cannot add or update any apps because of “Package File Invalid.” What was the point of buying a new phone? FIX IT GOOGLE!

  • killerkamatis

    No.. not for me. I’m trying to reinstall and I’m still receiving the same error.

  • Frank McCright

    Can’t download Dropbox over 4G without getting the error. Downloads via WiFi successfully.

  • Sydney

    most certainly not fixed. cant download skype w/o getting the same error. GAHHHHHH

  • Incredible

    Almost October and still getting the error message. Tried suggested fixes and now Google Play is gone and I cannot figure out how to download it.

  • Designz

    If you are seeing a “Package File is Invalid” error when trying to
    download MapMyFitness or any other app from Google Play, you will need
    to clear your Google Play’s data and cache. To do this:

    Go your device’s Settings menu.
    Go to Applications (may also be labeled Application Manager).
    Tab over to All Applications.
    Open the Google Play Store app.
    Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
    Relaunch Google Play and install or update the our app again.

    I did this and it has worked for me

  • PackageFileError

    Not working…

    This isn’t a problem if I’m downloading a small app of around 400KB. Anything a few to a few 10s of MB will trigger this error once finished downloading, before even starting to install. I still have 133MB left of 1GB. This should not be the problem of storage deficiency. What is the problem…?

  • mensa2

    I have an Android OS, and this problem started around 10/01/13 and is still active as of today, for me when my apps attempt to generate and update, then I get this message! It is annoying! Makes me want to get an iPhone!

  • dizzy

    mine still says “package file invalid” whenever I try to download apps!



  • Gazaz

    if you can’t download anything from the play store; try to uncheck
    “unknown sources” on the security page. that has always worked for me.

  • Heywood

    I’m just getting this error now in the last week. Happening all the time for various apps. Very annoying

  • Jose

    it started around 2 weeks ago for me, I just install the factory version instead of the newest one. Works for me 90% of the time.

  • marckei

    and there’s not a solution till now..

  • alb1227

    I am just now getting this error message (literally 3 min ago), how can we fix this? I am finally someplace with wifi and I need to update my apps while I can. I have a Sony Xperia Z btw.

  • shubhi jain

    I am getting that message while downloading Facebook and what’s app

  • sal

    Deleted my Facebook app by accident. Went to redownload from the play store and keep getting Error 500

    • kani

      i tried many ways to solve this problem to download whatsapp application but it gives package file invalid error. fix this error please

  • Elie Zailah II

    I am having Viber downloading issues, started off from last night