It seems that Google has started pushing out the next major version of its Play Store app. Although there doesn’t seem to be any major overhaul, Play Store 4.3.10 introduces some changes that will give users a smoother and more convenient experience.

First up is a new sticky section under the Installed apps list. Previously, newly updated apps would be pushed down to the main listing after it has been updated. It is easy to lose track of which apps got updated, especially when you set Play Store to automatically update apps. Now, a Recently updated section is available at the top of the list, or below the Updates list if you have any, allowing for easy review of those apps.

Another usability enhancement is the grouping of update notifications. In the current version, there would be a notification for each and every app that was updated, which could become quite messy when we start talking about a dozen updates. To keep the information density low, Google has now combined all those notifications into a single update notification. Users interested in the details of those updates can still drill down into the list using the new Recently updated section mentioned earlier.


There are other minor changes included in the update, such as Books now showing both full and discounted prices during sales. Google has started distributing the update but it might take some time, even weeks, before it reaches everyone. If that sounds too long, you could also just grab the update from the link below and install the update yourself.

Download: Play Store v4.3.10
VIA: Android Police