It’s still sometimes remarkable how some developers move swiftly to fix bugs, especially critical ones. It has just been a day since we reported on Google acknowledging an issue with the updated Play Store that has plagued many users and already Google has resolved the problem.

Some users have reported getting “Package File Invalid” error messages when updating some apps ever since Google rolled out the new version of its Play Store app. There has been no discernible pattern to the bug as it doesn’t affect all apps nor does it affect all users of the same app.

Yesterday, Google acknowledged the issue by placing a ticket for it on its support site. Google has now found the cause of the problem and fixed it. Although it doesn’t give any explanation or further detail, Google has marked the issue as fixed, which you can see by visiting the link below and expanding the “Fixed/Resolved” list.

There is no word on when or how the fix will be rolled out to users, but it seems to have reached a number of users already. Some have reported getting through the update process for affected apps. If you’re one of those hit by this bug, do let us know if it’s been fixed for you, too.

Source: Google