Google Nexus rumors suggest phones from Samsung, LG, and Sony this year

August 21, 2012

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The time for those Nexus device rumors to start heating up is now. Earlier today we saw a leaked spec sheet claiming Samsung was preparing another Galaxy Nexus-like device, possible the Galaxy Nexus II, and now we have an entirely new spin to the rumor. Do you think we'll see multiple "Nexus" phones this year? Read on to find out.

Back in May the WSJ suggested Google could be offering as many as 5 Nexus devices this year from multiple hardware partners. We already have the Nexus 7 from ASUS, and new reports are now suggesting more this fall from Samsung, LG, and even the folks at Sony. A new report from AndroidNoodles claims NTT DoCoMo has three different Nexus branded devices all on their roadmap for this winter.

If the Wall Street Journal statement that Google opened the Nexus program to five different OEM's was accurate, then this new report could confirm just that. For now all we have is a roadmap devised of simple text that could easily be faked, but the Wall Street Journal isn't exactly known for outlandish rumors. First we'll start with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus II as that makes perfect sense and lines up with the leak earlier today. Next they list a Sony Xperia Nexus, followed by an LG Optimus Nexus.

That's it folks. That is the rumor in a nutshell because we have zero other details. For now we are going to seriously consider this nothing more than a rumor until we see or hear some solid concrete evidence, which we have a feeling is long way away. Personally I'd rather see another HTC Nexus device (loved my Nexus One) or even something from Motorola before LG and Sony get a shot. The original report was 5 OEM's so Motorola could round out the five and we could be hearing more on that front soon.

If five certified "Nexus" devices all arrive this winter and are available on the Play Store for purchase things could really get interesting. Thoughts?

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  • kidheated

    I think googs is hesitant to use Moto just yet, as most people think that they will start to use them as their own personal manufacturer and distance themselves from the others… that’s not to say that a Moto nexus wouldn’t rock, it definitely would. In terms of HTC, I’m completely over them. Seems like they had their shot and blew it.

    • mike ma

      Google acquired motorola just to get the patents motorola had to gain some ground in the legal department against apple… google is not going to have their nexus line made by a one hit wonder company (razr)

  • robert

    Google would be stupid to use Motorolla until Motorolla can produce a phone that’s worthy of the NEXUS name.

    • Motorola hardware with vanilla Android straight from Google with an unlocked bootloader would be awesome.. Yes some of their phones stink, but many are quite nice.

      • sper56

        I agree. The most shitty part of moto is their encrypted bootloaders. Their software sucks like all the other OEMs too. A Motorola nexus – i would definitely consider buying.

  • nrb

    My only thought is Verizon hates customers having control, so these won’t be coming. God forbid you should lose the bloatware.

    • Goutham Mukkapati

      Maybe not Verizon but I definitely hop for unlocked versions through Play Store

  • Wasn’t there also a rumour about a Nexus 10 Tablet? That would make up all five.

    I wanted a fancy new Nexus when my contract runs out (December). Looks like I’ll have a choice.

  • Disgruntled

    LG never again. After the g2x debacle…

    • Louis B

      get over it. people change.

      • James

        people never share

  • Daniel

    The nexus Q is the fifth nexus device.

  • anonymous-x

    awkardly said, not sure what to buy,the new Nexus cell & 7″ Nexus Tablet ot the new Apple Iphone 5 & the Apple 7.8 Mini Tablet?

  • samagon

    There’s already 3 nexus devices on the play store, to fulfill the prophecy they only need 2 more.

    • Goutham Mukkapati

      The Galaxy Nexus Phone was last year and the rumor is this year and the only two from this year are Nexus 7 and Nexus Q

  • Louis B


  • ScottyFoltz

    Even though Sense is horrible i still feel like HTC is the rightful maker of the next Nexus because they proved that they have the best build quality phones because thats all a Nexus really needs from another manufacturer. Google will fill in the rest with their amazingly fluid and up to date software

  • Zombie Killer

    I have only one demand: GIVE IT A DUCKING KEYBOARD ALREADY!!!! I could care less who they hire to make it.

    • I actually switched from the Droid to the Incredible to get rid of the keyboard, since I’m a colemak typist and I dropped the heavy, awkward Droid constantly. I do think that at least one of the next Nexus phones should have a physical keyboard. It just makes sense to have some real variety. Personally, I won’t be buying that particular phone.

  • Filip Pešić

    Can’t wait for Nexus 5.. I yes, I want it to again LG.. Nooooooo Samsung… Exploding quality.. 😀