Samsung is back in the news again today, only this time we are talking about the next Nexus smartphone from Google. Yup, it’s time to start up those rumor mills again seeing that the Galaxy Nexus has been available for a while already. Google must be getting ready for their next release. What we see below is a spreadsheet claiming to show the new Nexus.

Samsung has made the last two “Nexus” devices, and so far they’ve done rather well but I just don’t see Google choosing them again, but anything is possible. If they go the Motorola route everyone will call them out since they now own Moto, and no other manufacturers seem to fit the bill. This leaves either Samsung again, or maybe an upcoming phone from ASUS.

What we have above is a supposedly “leaked” spreadsheet showing what Samsung’s been working on from the folks at SamMobile. One that claims to confirm more of a slight upgrade and bump in specs for the next Google flagship device than a complete overhaul. As you can see from the picture above the current Galaxy Nexus is also known as the GT-I9250, and the new “Nexus” is listed as GT-I9260, which shows an obvious increase to the next generation. Could this be real? Absolutely. Is it real? Probably not.

First off they list Samsung’s “Super AMOLED HD” screen wrong. As the HD actually comes first, not at the end. Not only that but the current Galaxy Nexus was an HD Super AMOLED, which this sheet got wrong. Second they also list the new Nexus as coming with a micro-SD card. I know everyone in the world of Android would like to see that, us included, but Google hasn’t offered it with their past few Nexi — why start now. The Nexus 7 didn’t even get one and it’s safe to say Google won’t be starting now.

Then in closing back in May the Wall Street Journal confidentially said the next round of Nexus devices would be from multiple manufacturers and Google would release a Nexus program to sell devices in their Play Store. That still hasn’t been confirmed, but if that turns out to be accurate this device we see today could be a great fit for Sammy. Better than what they have now but not topping their own flagship Galaxy S III. For now there’s no telling if this is real or fake, as much as we’d like to believe it. I personally think this is just a troll attempt, but we’ll be sure and update when we hear or see anything else.