It looks like all of the US carriers are selling the hot new Galaxy S III faster than Samsung can make them. The fact that they had to trash over a half a million blue models back covers could be part of this issue. Along with Verizon, T-Mobile, and the Now Network today AT&T has also delayed their launch from the 21st to the 28th when they get more product.

The folks from Verizon only pushed back the date one day, but yesterday T-Mobile announced they’ll push the initial pre-order group out on time, but the rest of the nation will have to wait until June 28th to get the highly anticipated phone. Today AT&T is basically saying the exact same thing, without really saying it.

According to multiple tips that have just hit our inbox, AT&T’s “expected ship date” for those ordering online has now changed to the 28th. This most likely means many of the original pre-orders will ship on time for delivery tomorrow or this week, and everyone from here on out will be waiting an additional 6-7 days and can get the phone next week.

We’ll update as soon as we hear more, or if AT&T makes an official statement on the matter. For now it appears Samsung can’t make em fast enough, and are throwing them off the production floor as fast as possible to keep up with demand. We have a feeling this will soon be the best selling Android phone of all times, just like the Galaxy S II was. Trust us, the phone is great and you can see the AT&T and T-Mobile version in our review here. Drop us a comment if you are seeing similar shipping dates or notifications from AT&T, or if yours shows up on the doorstep today or tomorrow.

— Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Editdroid9

    Has anyone got an email stating that their device has shipped yet? The 6/6 pre-orders were told that they would receive shipment on or before the 21st. Do the math with 2 day shipping, and we have delays. I ordered on the 16th, and got the ‘ship on or around the 21st’ message. Personally, i’m not expecting it before the end of the month. I’ll probably check my email for the ship conformation about 1000 times between then and now.

  • Hello

    I ordered on the 6th midmorning and was told mine would not ship out until next week . Answers from AT&T CSR vary though. If you call 10 times you will get 10 different answers.

  • boowalley

    The same thing with Sprint even though I order it 1 minute past 12. I hope that the back order is not for the early Pre orders but for the additional Pre orders. Makes no sense of delaying shipping for all orders just because they have to restock. Send what you have. Smh

    • Pretty sure initial pre-orders from earlier this month are going out on time, and recent orders will be waiting til the 28th. No official response from ATT yet though

      • That would be logical but I mentioned the same logic in a chat with a rep but she would not bite. I think they just don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

  • boowalley

    By the way soon as I order the phone they started billing me as I had the extra phone already. Something is wrong with that business model. At least wait until I activate the phone. I want some $ back.

  • Hello

    Also my origonal e-mail said it would ship ON the 18th.

  • Lot of people getting their devices shipped. Can’t believe all these websites are just making conjectures about someone who placed an order today and ofcourse their expected ship date is going to be later in the week because the phone is in such a high demand. There have been a lot of people reporting their shipped already, just look around the web.

  • Got the info (from Samsung Thailand) today that the blue model is available on 28th here in Bangkok on the Mobile exhibition (28th June – 1st July price 21,900 THB), white one was already since a month or so in stores. So seams that Sammy got the back-lock of blue ones under control. Bet ja I will be there to get the first blue S3 in Thailand :)))

  • vipervwv

    I pre-ordered on the 6th. Just got an e-mail from att that I will receive by the 25th. Does anyone have their phone yet?

    • Ordered Thursday night got it this morning, absolutely love it!

  • Jarkko1983

    I got my S3 few days ago, There were only few left in the store so I was lucky. I love this phone, it’s powerful and cool in every way. I’ve been playing a game we made for android and it works beautifully.