First off let me start by saying I’m still not really sold on this mobile 3D technology even though I did enjoy reviewing the HTC EVO 3D. What we have for you today is really interesting though because it has some impressive specs on a full HD 8″ 1280 x 800 resolution display all rocking glasses-free 3D. The downside is only Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board but I’m sure a few XDA developers could change that. Check out the full specs, pictures, and video below.

This tablet is being called the GADMEI T863-3D Tablet and it comes complete with an 8″ 1280 x 800 HD display that features full active 3D — glasses free. Being $199 I was worried about specs but this beast actually rocks a 1.0 GHz Cortex A9 processor and the powerful Mali 400 GPU for graphics and 3D rendering. With 8 GB of internal storage, micro-SD, HDMI-out, USB, WiFi and even a front facing camera for video chat. It also claims to offer a 5,000 mAh battery so that should last plenty long. I was expecting a cheaper device but with great internals, plenty of storage and a capacitive touch 3D display I’m actually a little curious and want one for myself.

Here is a video demonstration showing just how quick and easy it is to toggle regular 2D video viewing into full glasses-free 3D — just the touch of a button. They are showing it off using the impressive AVATAR 3D.

We don’t know much about GADMEI but they’ve made plenty of PMP’s and other tablet devices in the past so while this isn’t Samsung, I’ve heard the name enough to be familiar. On the other hand I’ve never heard of the online retailer but they did snap a few decent photos of the 3D tablet to give us a better idea of what to expect. Full details, specs, pricing and more is available at the source link below.

Who would buy this 3D tablet for only $199?

[via usb.brando]

  • Nick Thai

    Nice, Link to order please !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I would like some more details. The Cortex A9 can also come in single-core, and the Mali-400 can as well…

    • Just got one in for review so we’ll check it out for sure and let you know

  • guest256878

    can this run games or apps from

  • Best 3D free glasses EVER ! i have one of this tablet and it ROCK !!! it play fast and glasses free any 3D 1080p Bluray SBS (side-by-side) on her Hi-Def 1280×768 pixels LED capacitive 8″ screen , it have 30 angles of views in 3D not just 1 like all products in the market today (Nintendo 3DS , EVO 3D , Lg Optimus 3D) . So the 3d it very crisp and clear with very good Hi-def Bluray 3D video source with pop-up effects much better than 3d over glasses because this a REAL Native 3D screen . I have + 2000 hours experience of 3d at any kind (red-cyan , active , passive glasses 3d ) but this still the best 3D experience on my life FREE GLASSES are the way to go ! No more eyes pain ! No more headache ! this 3d tablet ROCK ! it have MicrosSD reader (add 32Go MicroSD with 1080p/720p great movies quality not bulshit) , it read well all video format with already 3D player comming with (mkv,mpeg,avi,divx,m2ts etc) with resolution 1080p *1920×1080 pixels this tablet have power to read all this FULLHD movies in 3D (without ridiculous glasses) + in 2D . It have HDMI 1080p output to connect to your BIG 55 inch HDTV and play movies or play Tegra HD games from your sofa over the USB wireless mouse and keyboard connected to the USB of this amazing tablet (usb otg support wireless mouse and keyboard) so for 199$ i’m so fuck’n HAPPY now ! i’m so impressed by the quality of revolutionnary hardware inside this tablet for so low price ! it have also webcam , wifi b/g/n , powerfull back stereo speakers , 7.8mm deep and only 530 grams !!!! THAT’s ROCK !  see more here :

  • Ryan J Newby

    I hope this sets the benchmark for the rest of the tablets, lets just hope its stable and great to use.3d is 2012, bring the special effects on.

  • james braselton

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  • james braselton

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