Google has detailed exactly what swag Google IO developers can expect to take away from the event this week, and it’s quite the bundle. All 6,000 attendees will get a free Galaxy Nexus smartphone, a free Nexus Q, and a free Nexus 7 tablet.

That’s a package worth almost $850, not bad considering the IO ticket itself was just $800. When they power the phone and tablet on, meanwhile, they’ll have Jelly Bean to play with, as Google will push the new OS to the smartphone.

For the rest of us, the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ is now down to $349 on Google’s Play Store, while the Nexus Q and Nexus 7 are each up for order. More details here.

  • Liaw Kim Poh


  • Derek LaVone

    Good for you, rub it in why dont ya?! lol

  • George Shannon

    Not Fair, lol

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  • droidman

    199+299+399 = 897 (~900) and the ticket is 900. not 800. good for the local IO attendees or companies paid them to attend. I am an independent developer, and it did cost around $1000 (Air + shitty hotel + bart train) to attend.. The real benefit to attend personally via live stream was that I could talk to the google engineers for tough technical questions and networking with other developers around the world. In this time, I was able to linkedIn a few Google & VMWare engineers. =)

  • Hi

    hahahaha i got one. jealous?????????