Good News!! If you read our hands-on impressions of the Flipboard Android app and really like the application and were bummed that it was for the Galaxy S III only, you’re not alone. The good news is one of the hacking geeks over on XDA Developers has righted that wrong.

A guy going by Valcho says that he used AirDroid to extract the Flipboard.apk files so you can install Flipboard on any Android device you might have laying around capable of running it. It appears that the post is very fresh so we are not clear at all right now how well the apk works when pulled out of the Galaxy S III.

If you rush over and download the apk, be sure and let us know that installs and works correctly on your Android device. Users are already asking for the S Voice apk as well. The Flipboard app is eventually expected to come officially to devices other than the Galaxy S III, but until then this unofficial support is all we have.

[vms 81549a9d1d241981cec3]

[Thanks Paul!]

  • Paulnlori

    Works great on Samsung Skyrocket

  • Rafael

    Working like butter here… Galaxy S II

  • Joe

    Works a charm on my HTC one x

  • GreenyO

    It works well on the GNex, but it won’t make me let Current down. I don’t really like all these flipthings

  • Hemanta

    Working great on galaxy note,,great job

  • John Miley

    Working great on my Motorola Photon.

  • works great on my LG P990 Optimus 2x

  • Hacker00

    Works awesome on Nexus s

  • Working perfect on Galaxy Nexus

  • poqeteer

    Works on E4GT… But I don’t see what the big deal is… Still prefer Pulse.

  • Pris

    Working really well on Samsung Galaxy S!

  • SandaN

    its could be my refference .. thank you
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