So Instagram is finally available for Android whether you like it or not. Although its been downloaded well over 5 million times and has tons of fans iPhone users aren’t happy it’s on Android, and now they’ve instantly lost tons of fans for being sellouts to Facebook. Today we’ve gathered five of our favorite Instagram alternatives for Android and they are all free but one. Check it out!

Many aren’t happy with the fact that Instagram is getting so much attention while it’s nothing more than a simple filter application and there’s already plenty available. Others are upset because after signing up and joining the bandwagon after landing on Android Instagram sold-out to Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Whether you love it or hate it you’ll want to see these other options.

For starters I’m going to mention one of my personal favorites that I’ve used long before Instagram came around, and that is Pixlr-o-matic. Instagram is nothing more than a filter according to some — so that is exactly what you get with Pixlr. It doesn’t offer the social aspects of Instagram but they have tons more filters, not to mention awesome borders, tweaks, glare, glitter and more.

You can get it from the Google Play Store by clicking here, and it’s completely free. Many consider this the best photography app for Android and iOS period, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

For those that don’t remember Flickr actually released their own Android app last year that is quite awesome. It has everything we already know and love about Flickr, including its huge community, and adds filters, boarders and all the sharing to Facebook options that Instagram has too.

Flickr works worldwide and supports tons of languages, they just updated and added 9 more recently too. Some might not think to mention Flickr but it truly is just as good, or better than those so called “sellouts”. Get it from the Play Store right now.

For those that want it all we’d have to also recommend Streamzoo for the fact that it has all the filters and everything you’d want, social aspects, and even makes it into a fun little game where you can collect badges and more. If you want all the features imaginable for a photo app — this is the answer.

Streamzoo is actually probably what I use the most and really has some awesome effects unlike anything else. Being able to add blur to certain areas or aspects of an image while leaving the rest in focus and more. It makes us cheaters seem like real photographers. Streamzoo has 14 filters to Instagrams 17 or so but they also have 15 borders and tons of options beyond those two traditional choices.

We’ve heard multiple tips that Streamzoo is one of the best, and couldn’t agree more. Get it right here.

Magic Hour
This is the only paid app that we wanted to mention, and they have a free version for those that would like to test it out first. Magic Hour just like all the others has just about every feature that Instagram has, and them some — Only lacking the social community aspects. Magic Hour will transform your photos into extraordinary ones and has no shortage of filters. What make it unique is you can download literally dozens and dozens, instead of the few available for the other photo apps.

Like we mentioned above Magic Hour comes both free and paid but you’ll need the paid version ($1.99) to do things like use photos from the gallery or download additional filters. The interface could be a little smoother, and creating a finished product takes a little longer than Instagram but it’s well worth it in the end. Get it from the market by clicking here.

Last but definetaly not least is an awesome app called Hipster for those that think they are hip and cool. I just learned about this today but it very well could be my new favorite photo app. Hipster actually borrows a lot from Instagram but they do offer a few things to differentiate themselves such as postcard options. Another cool option is Geo-tagging so you can snap a photo of an awesome campsite or monument and tag it so everyone knows exactly where the photo was taken.

Just like Instagram the user interface is very straightforward and opens up instantly to something familiar. It is probably one of the quickest and easiest of the 5 mentioned here today (once you signup) and you’ll be snapping pictures and making postcards in no time. The loading of popular images was a little slow, but that could also be because it is pulling map and location data too. You can follow friends, or see pictures taken around you. Get Hipster right here!

So there you go folks! Five awesome alternatives to the popular and trendy Instagram that seems to be sooo cool as of late. We’ll see how long that lasts now that Facebook is about to take the reigns. I was actually kinda enjoying Instagram until I heard the news that they sold to Facebook, that left a sour taste in my mouth to be honest — then again that was too good a deal to pass up. Seriously? They get 1 billion while Kodak is going bankrupt? Explain that one.

Enjoy the suggestions and let us know what you think. Or just upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and use the “stock” filters provided by Google.

  • I’m a huge fan of Streamzoo and as of this afternoon you can now upload your photos to Google+ with their latest update!!!

  • And EyeEm?

  • I wore when I met streamzoo Instagram but I fell in love, so many options can give theInstagram will always be the best 🙂

  • Oooh! How come you left Lightbox out?!

  • ciddy

    What of Camera Zoom FX? 

  • I use Pixlr-O-Matic. Yeah, kinda like Instagram. But with cool light leaks! 🙂

  • I’m thinking actual alternatives to Instagram for Android users would be: Streamzoo, Lightbox, EyeEm, PicPlz or even MyTubo (which I don’t like much). Streamzoo is more like Instagram with more features to offer. Flickr, well, that’s more like an end point which all the other apps share too anyway, but it does have its own set of filters in its native app.

    Hipster, in my opinion, is more of a location-based sharing app. If you take a photo while you are out and wait to upload when you get home, then you will create geo-tagged images that give away your exact location…at your house! I quickly learned that and only use it when I am at places away from my house (if I remember to use it considering the other apps already sharing to places I want).

    I WISH Pixlr had a photo social network to go with the app! That would be cool, but then again, it would be one more place to keep up with for sharing, LOL! Other than that they have a great selection of options to edit photos when you want to be creative.

    Cheers and see you around the photo sharing world! Zoom…

  • I feel too bad that my previous comment was deleted. Whatever the reason may be, but you guys just lost a regular follower. Thanks for being a great source so far.

  • Rob Munro

     there is also my preference, lightbox – very slick

  • BP

    PixlrOmatic is great, but I use Vignette as my main camera app.  Very customizable.

  • Anthony Bell

    streamzoo is number 1!!! 

  • I like streamzoo better but it doesn’t integrate with twitter very nicely.  There is no image preview.  Thinking of switching to instagram until they fix this.

  • I like streamzoo better but it doesn’t integrate with twitter very nicely.  There is no image preview.  Thinking of switching to instagram until they fix this.

  • Krittarach

    Has anyone try the Cymera. i think it’s the best camera app that i ever used.

  • Bob Dolle

    try lightbox. 

  • Picmaster Co

    I made this app in 1 week but I am not lucky as instagaram. 😀 

  • Diego Bellini

    The best app similar to the Instagram is “Camera 360”. This is the only app that you need if you want to put effects on your photos 

  • DrHotmann

    BeFunky Pro FTW