Droid X2 Dummy units arriving at Costco, could launch soon

May 12, 2011

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Things look to be lining up almost like we all had thought. Earlier in the month we told you about the Droid X2 and a few other devices launching on Verizon on May 12th, that day is today and we are seeing some news regarding the Droid X2, but nothing about it launching or being for sale. It appears to be showing up at places like Costco in the form of dummy models.

The link above showing a May 12th release date may have been correct, but it is possible the delay of the Droid Charge because of 4G LTE issues could be the reason for the delay. Everything may have been moved back, unless we hear some news today it looks like these devices will have to wait to play another day.

From the images it looks like Costco has got dummy units in store, and we can only assume others have as well. This is a good sign for the Motorola Droid X2 and those looking to get some of its dual-core Tegra 2 power along with that 4.3" screen. It is not a 4G LTE phone, but it should be a great device still. Hopefully we will be getting more news, or an official release date soon.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  • Thebigwolfie

    If its like my droid x which still reboots twice a day sometimes more. Then thiers laucher pro plus that keeps force closing on reboots. I still enjoy the dx but hopefully they fixed that reboot issue. I am rooted with stock froyo. I will wait on some reviews this time before being one of the first in line at release.

    • @14a030279c41de46d89a9a8f192ca84e:disqus  my brothers droid X reboots a time or two a day also from what he tells me. Maybe that is a larger issue than we knew. 

  •  Its rooting is also possible now 🙂

  • Oh nice, thanks for your information!

  • I agree with you. I’m please can you help me as I can find the imformation I need. Thank you very much!