BlackBerry had been saying that BBM would arrive for Android users before the end of the summer. That launch was later confirmed to be September 21st, however as we saw — that launch never happened. The 7AM launch time came and went and BlackBerry later confirmed the release plans were put on hold.

Aside from some talk of the delay being blamed on the pre-release leak, the talk of BBM for Android seems to have gone quiet. Well, there are still folks waiting for the app to arrive in the Play Store, however talk seemed to have gone quiet from BlackBerry. That said though, it looks like those plans are still in progress.

In a recent tweet coming from the official @BBM Twitter account, there was talk of BlackBerry still being committed to this release. The new details are rather light in terms of specifics, but it was said they are “still 100% committed.”

“Still 100% committed to bringing #BBM to Android and iPhone. Sign up at  to know when #BBM4All”

Looking back to the news of the delay and it seems that was due to a large group of new users. In fact, in the statement issued by BlackBerry, they said the “active users of the unreleased app neared a million — and accelerated.”

Simply put, it looks like BlackBerry chose to fight the leak by pausing the launch. They had said the team was working towards completely blocking that unreleased version and also working towards preventing a similar situation next time around. Otherwise, while there was nothing further given in terms of a release date, that statement, which arrived on September 23rd did say that a release will “take some time” and is not expected this week.

  • fakab

    Keep waitin for the best messaging apps ever

  • Jokow

    No fixed release date?

  • rita

    How to download bbm for sumsung mini s3 ?? Reply plz &any link ?

  • Nonamex

    Come on RIM, do you think we are all such a dumb kids? bbm for android will not come ever. its one of strategy to make more people use blackberry. bbm for android? good is that.. 🙂 hahaha. no offense but we have to see the reality. i am android user and i just can say how poor android user, wasting time watching the internet waiting when bbm andro comes out..hahaha. please for the other andro user…be smart..!! do not easy to lie…

  • Freakishly right

    Hi Nonamex, if you are really as clever and up to date as you think you are, you will know that RIM sold the bbm rights to Samsung and that is how it will be available on android, do some research and then you may comment like a retard