September 21 has come and gone and the promised Blackberry Messenger app for Android and iOS is a no-show. Blackberry is now releasing an official statement that explained the situation and, once again, laid the blame on an unreleased version of the app making its way to users.

It’s hard to say if there was anyone really waiting for the release of the app for the once-popular BBM service. But all eyes were on Blackberry for sure to see if opening up its messaging service to other platforms would have any impact on the struggling company. Unfortunately, the unexpected delay sure had impact, probably just not the sort that Blackberry was hoping for.

According to Blackberry BBM head Andrew Bocking, the delay was due to the attempts of the team to adjust the system in response to a leaked version of the app that got into the hands of users. That app contained bugs that have been addressed in the final version and could not exist side-by-side, forcing the team to put the rollout on hold until the issue has been properly addressed. Of course, Bocking took the opportunity to make a side remark that users of the leaked version reached up to a million and was still growing, implying that the app, and the service, is still relevant.

Blackberry has no official word or any estimate on when the app will finally be released. Meanwhile, the company has been acquired by a fellow Canadian company, Fairfax Financial, for around $4.7 billion, which might delay that date even further.

VIA: Crackberry



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