A few weeks ago the rumors started swirling when an official looking but fake BlackBerry Twitter account confirmed the messenger service would arrive for Android on June 27th. It fact, T-Mobile UK even reshared the news as official, even though it was not. We’ve heard multiple reports that June 27th was the release date, so was it delayed, or only rumors?

All the tweets were later deleted and June 27th came and went without any such news or release. Don’t worry though BlackBerry fans. BBM for Android is coming, and coming soon, we just don’t know when. Back in May BlackBerry confirmed we’d see the messenger arrive this summer, but that’s the last we’ve heard of it.

Summer officially started on June 21st here in the US, and it ends sometime in late September. Just like the Verizon HTC One “coming this summer” the date really could be whenever. BlackBerry confirmed it would arrive “this summer” but gave absolutely zero time frame. We’re nearly 3 weeks into summer officially, and a release date or update would be nice.

While we have no new details or news regarding BBM for Android, Google is busy working hard on their own option for Google Hangouts, and will be getting integrated into SMS. So while many Android users are waiting patiently for BBM to arrive, would you still use it if Google makes Hangouts the universal chat we were all hoping for?

Is BlackBerry taking too long and giving Google a chance to steal the thunder, or will you still use BBM regardless? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Ray Roberts

    I would still use bbm. Depending on its user interface. Whatsapp just doesnt do it for me on android so maybe if googles interface is user friendly and has an status updates feature like bbm, i would consider it.

    • Takes

      Theres Viber and WeChat…those are also great apps…dont see why we really need bbm…will just be another social app for android and ios users…does bbm have free calling? Coz viber and we chat does

      • Suf

        bbm has free calls over wifi only for now..

        Yeah, cant wait to get it – wanna shift from BB to iOS.. i will wait for the Iphone 5s and also wait for the ios 7 before moving out from BB to Iphone5s..

  • vvvvv


  • Kevin Valencourt

    No matter how deep RIM has dug their hole. BBM is still one of the best things they have ever done. Real time IM, USUALLY reliable, with great features. I for one can’t wait for it to release on Android!
    Those I know that still have a Blackberry will be happy those that switched to Android can get in touch over BBM as well. As for iOS getting it. MEH they don’t deserve it but oh well

  • faisal alhawas

    Bbm for android and iOS will be a huge deal for social media and other thing. But still we don’t know how it will look and what kind of feature we will have. Whatsapp messenger is one of the famous social communication around so far because it is available for all devices. Therefore I hope that bbl will bring better interface than what whatsApp is offering for us right now. I will still use WhatsApp because it gives me the ability to communicate with friends and family around the word with on charges at all, but still bbm is the famous and must secure application so far. Hope it will be a huge deal when it comes to other platform.

  • juf

    bbm for android and iOS doesn’t have the specific time release, make android and ios users boring. can cause many ppl dissapointed.

  • stupid blackberry user

    BB gonna die either way. no body will use it anymore. throw it away to the open sea ~

  • boner

    can not wait to sell my z10 and get the galaxy s4!!

  • Barry

    Tbh the longer rim drag this out the less people care. Officially it has sis the app is in the approval stage. There fore we should have heard something by now.

    But no the like to lie to the customers which is why I don’t touch rim products anymore. Since the woefull torch 9800

    Bbm is a useful app. It actually has potential and with the release of ios 7 and whatever Jelly baby name that android have dremt up now. It can and should be built upon

    • Andrizzle

      Jelly baby name? If you’re going to try and be funny, at least use correct grammar and spelling in your post, makes you look silly…

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to this app. Loved BBM back in the day and I can’t stand Whatsapp now. The timestamp thing just gets on my nerves.

  • Dan Rogers


  • RVM3

    I’m curious how it will work when travelling and changing SIMs. Whatsapp can’t handle this, and if BBM can it will be a huge plus.

    • Ramiro

      Whatsapp can handle traveling. It will keep your home number instead of the new one which for me its a plus. If you need to add somebody from your trip, just give your home number and done.

      • RVM3

        while you’re roaming, but not if you are on wi-fi.

    • captain_pudding

      If it’s anything like on a Blackberry, your BBM number is linked to your handset and not your phone number so swapping SIMs will have no effect.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    BBM was only black berry app I miss when I moved to Android

  • Ashish Pandey

    I think its too late for BBM when it will be release no one know this when it will be release till the all other apps are covered the market. If BBM want to be in market than they dont have have to wait.

  • Andres

    BBM was the shit. I want it so bad.

  • SteveTh3Pirate

    I’ll use BBM regardless if google steal the thunder or not.

  • Paulus

    Blackberry users in my country are way to lazy to install other messenger……. so, I’ll throw my storm 1 away, but would install BBM on my Galaxy….

  • blinky

    I would DEFINATELY get BBM i so miss it!

  • John

    Many of my bb friends have company phones and aren’t allowed to install apps so I will definitely install bbm on my galaxy whenever it’s available.

  • JaagDuiwel

    This is BlackBerry we are galking about, unless they specified which summer they will launch, it coukd take years, or never happen as RIM is a sinking ship. Its sad, but it is a reality.
    Would I love to use BBM? Definately.
    Do I realistically expect them to get it (in a working format) in the market before they sink? I am doubtful.

    I have to add that I hope I am wrong, but RIM has dissapointed us so many times in the past with launch dates, product updates, specs, etc…

  • Zbee

    I like bbm vs other playforms because you select who u communicate with rather than be linked with everyone who has the app on their phone.

  • abner

    Can’t wait to get BBM on my galaxy, I will stop using whatsapp

  • sbarowsky

    i just dont find a need for iming on my phone when I have text messaging

    • captain_pudding

      If you ever leave the country, find yourself somewhere with poor cell reception but wifi, or end up making friends with someone in a different country, you’ll understand

      • sbarowsky

        ahh makes sense appreciate the examples

      • captain_pudding

        Yeah, like myself I work in a remote area with no cell reception but we have wifi in the office, something like BBM would be great on my android

  • Siddhesh

    Blackberry has lost it !!!! Soon all will forget :p

  • gadget community

    Blackberry has been talking too much…its all just a marketing scam. When someone doesnt have the capacity to compete, they just come out with hot air.

  • shahir k ahmed

    I have waited waited and Waited for bbm on android but seems like no date for it and I have a blackberry device nd the reason I still have it and will keep it is for ma contacts so please bbm let’s have it or jst die off

  • Richard wants a 8″ Android Tab

    Personally I am using a blackberry device (9900) in addition to an Iphone 3GS. This because the large majority of suppliers and customers in the industry I am active in are communicating through BBM. Even if many use at the same time Whatsapp and Skype (the last one mainly on PC and when in the office), BBM is still the leading mobile chatting application. I admit that typing on a 9900 is faster than on anything else and also the track pad makes life very easy (unfortunately it’s missing in the new models). On the other hand if and when BBM will be available on Android and working properly, I would rather choose an Android phone and keep 1 phone only. I used a couple of times my wife’s P6800 and it’s simply amazing: faster email setup (no need for enterprise activation code and password), keypad is big enough to allow fast typing, you have all the apps, larger memory, more comfortable browsing and document editing, easier remote desktop management etc. As far as the new Blackberry models am not getting positive feedback and some who tried Z10 switched back to 9900, apparently because the bb10 os resulted to be too complicated. Anyway you don’t have all the applications, which is a good enough reason not to buy a Z10 or Q10. I don’t want to get into why I would opt for Android and not IOS, but for sure am tired of going around with 2 phones and Blackberry devices are not as satisfying as IOS or Android ones.

    • sbarowsky

      why the 3gs?

  • Ramsey

    I will still use the BBM. I love it.

  • I can’t wait for BBM because I have not ever used BB and I want to know what BBM is on my Android Phone :D.

  • SkyPilotZA

    BBM Coming to Android would be wonderful! It still wouldn’t make one bit of a difference to me, only that I would have it installed on my S4 as well as having it run on my Z10. BlackBerry have brought out some MONSTER phones with their release of OS10, and for you skeptics out there, just google comparisons between the S4 and Z10 – you will be pleasantly surprised! My Z10 remains my phone of choice for business, for their security features. My downtime phone is the S4, but sorely miss BBM – the other IM apps out there do not give the same feel as BBM in my opinion. I might be one of very few users who take advantage of the positives of both platforms, but who knows?