A few weeks ago the rumors started swirling when an official looking but fake BlackBerry Twitter account confirmed the messenger service would arrive for Android on June 27th. It fact, T-Mobile UK even reshared the news as official, even though it was not. We’ve heard multiple reports that June 27th was the release date, so was it delayed, or only rumors?

All the tweets were later deleted and June 27th came and went without any such news or release. Don’t worry though BlackBerry fans. BBM for Android is coming, and coming soon, we just don’t know when. Back in May BlackBerry confirmed we’d see the messenger arrive this summer, but that’s the last we’ve heard of it.

Summer officially started on June 21st here in the US, and it ends sometime in late September. Just like the Verizon HTC One “coming this summer” the date really could be whenever. BlackBerry confirmed it would arrive “this summer” but gave absolutely zero time frame. We’re nearly 3 weeks into summer officially, and a release date or update would be nice.

While we have no new details or news regarding BBM for Android, Google is busy working hard on their own option for Google Hangouts, and will be getting integrated into SMS. So while many Android users are waiting patiently for BBM to arrive, would you still use it if Google makes Hangouts the universal chat we were all hoping for?

Is BlackBerry taking too long and giving Google a chance to steal the thunder, or will you still use BBM regardless? Let us know in the comments below.