It has already been confirmed that BBM is coming to Android. The catch here is we have yet to see a good timeline as to when that arrival may happen. Officially speaking the folks at BlackBerry have only said that it will be available before the end of the summer. And as we previously mentioned, that means anytime up until September 21.

Of course, that loose timeframe has only seemed to increase the hype surrounding the app. This has lead to numerous fake BBM apps landing in the Play Store and numerous rumors on the topic. We did get some more official details last week when the BBM for Android v1.0 user manual surfaced.

That manual was the real deal and was (and remains) available on the BlackBerry website. While that didn’t offer anything in terms of a release date, it did confirm some of the basics in terms of features and functionality. Well, flash forward till today and it looks like BlackBerry has taken another small step towards the release.


A BBM for Android landing page has been discovered on the BlackBerry website. As we often see with these types of pages, it offers little in terms of detail. This page simply states that “BBM is coming to Android and iPhone” and offers the option to give an email address with the promise of being the first to find out about the release.

Aside from the rumors and speculation that have surrounded the BBM for Android app release, there has also been some recent chatter in terms of BlackBerry turning BBM into its own company. This surfaced earlier in the week and talks about BlackBerry turning BBM into a subsidiary company.

VIA: CrackBerry

  • NachoKingP

    Why does anyone care about this any more? As far as I can tell, the main draw of BBM was that it was kind of an exclusive club. If it’s on Android and iOS, how is this any different than SMS and MMS? Honestly, I’ve never used it, but I just don’t get why I would choose to download a messaging app for a dying platform.

    • justin L

      I was an active bbm user when it got real popular around the time the first iphone came out, and it was amazing… really a great mobile messaging system. Simple things like using over wifi, works when in a new country, voice notes, video, Send and Receive status, groups, status updates etc. Best thing is when your getting a girls phone number its way better to get her bbm PIN. I literally signed up all my friends and family to whatsapp when it came out, but ill be getting them to switch back as bbm its superior.

      • NachoKingP

        Thanks! That helps, I just have no experience with it to know what the big deal is.