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Leaked specs and image of HTC 606w smartphone hit the web

If you're a fan of HTC smartphones but can't see yourself paying the money for something along the lines of the HTC One, a new device has leaked online that you may find interesting. A few specifications and some images of the device said to be the HTC 606w have surfaced. The device looks similar to the HTC One, but uses cheaper components which should mean it's a cheaper smartphone.

Microsoft signs Android Agreement with Hon Hai

At this point, I think we all know that Microsoft holds some key patents having to do with the Android and smartphones using the OS. So far, Microsoft has been successful in getting most of the largest Android smartphone and device makers in the world to sign patent agreements. There are some indications that Microsoft makes more money from these patent license agreements for Android than it does from its own smartphone operating system.

Amazon Appstore hits almost 200 countries

One of the most popular app stores to purchase applications for Android devices aside from Google Play is the Amazon Appstore. Amazon has announced that it is expanding its Appstore availability significantly all around the world. There is no specific indication of exactly when other countries will get access to Amazon's Appstore.

Orange Libon for Android goes live

Wireless carrier Orange announced today that its all-in-one communications application for Android users called Libon is now available. The app is available as a free download via Google Play and offers Android users free calls, smart messaging, and a personalized visual voicemail system. This application was made available for iPhone users in November of last year.

HipChat version 2.0 brings native redesign and more

A new update is currently rolling out for the HipChat Android application. HipChat is a group chat tool and the new update brings the application to version 2.0. The developers of the app say that the new update was the result of beta testing that has been ongoing over the last several months.

Google places strict restrictions on Glass Explorer Edition developers

Developers planning on building applications to run on the Google Glass Explorer Edition headsets will face some rather strict limitations from Google. The limitations placed on the Glass developers are very strict when you consider how open Android is as a platform is on its own. Google is reserving the right to remotely strip out functionality from apps designed to run on the headset.

EXOON Android TV set top box ships with XBMC and Jelly Bean

A new Android-powered set-top box has hit the market from a company called EXOON. The set-top box is the XBMC Android TV DUO Pro. The set-top box is powered by a 1.6 GHz Rockchip A9 dual-core processor. The machine also comes with XBMC software preinstalled and runs Android 4.1.1.

UDOO Android-powered mini PC board breaks cover

Android is a very popular operating system for DIY sorts looking to build their latest electronics project. Many these projects involve little developer boards that put all the hardware and other connectivity options and features you need into one small footprint. A new device has turned up that can run the Android operating system called the UDOO Mini PC.