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Talisman Prologue fantasy board game app heads to Android

If you're the sort of geek who enjoys playing fantasy boardgames, you might be familiar with the game called Talisman from Games Workshop. A mobile version of that board game is set to hit the Android ecosystem on April 25 from Thumbstar Games. The game is called Talisman Prologue.

Facebook Home hits 500,000 installs

Facebook launched its new Home Android launcher a little over a week ago. So far the launcher has been downloaded over 500,000 times, which is a bit lean considering Facebook has billions of users. Granted Facebook Home only works on a handful of Android devices at this time.

Fieldrunners 2 launches April 24

If you've been on the lookout for new game for your Android device, Fieldrunners 2 will launch for Android users next week on April 24. That means the tower defense game will be available on Google Play next Wednesday. The game was previously made available for PC gamers via Steam and on the iPhone where it proved very popular.

Google debuts One Today charity app for Android users

If you're the sort of person who likes to donate a little bit of money to worthy causes, Google has a new charity app you might want to check out. The app is called One Today and is designed to make it easy for you to donate a dollar to various causes each and every day. The point of the application is to provide all the details you need to decide if you want to support a cause in one place.

Twitter #Music app launches leaving Android users out

We have some good news and some bad news today. The good news is that the twitter #music app has launched bringing a new music service for Twitter users to enjoy. The bad news is that twitter has ignored Android users and launched the app only for iOS devices at this time.

WordPress 2.3 for Android gets updates bloggers will appreciate

If you are a blogger that likes to be able to make posts to your WordPress site from wherever you happen to be, the company has announced an upgrade to its Android application. The application is now at version 2.3 and has a new interface and menu drawer. The update also brings a revised Action Bar.

LinkedIn Android app gets upgraded

LinkedIn has announced a major update to its Android application. The date marks the first major upgrade to the application in almost 2 years. While the update brings some changes that people really appreciate, it does bring one change that many people will hate.

Allwinner A20 SoC is destined for Android devices of all sorts

Allwinner SoCs find their way under the hoods of all sorts of Android devices including tablets, TV sticks, and more from various manufacturers. Allwinner hardware is particularly popular with Chinese Android gadget makers. Allwinner has announced those products using its newest hardware, called the A20, are now shipping.

Over 1 million smart watches to ship in 2013 according to ABI Research

Research firm ABI Research has issued a new report looking at the smart watch market for 2013. According to the company, over 1 million smart watches will ship this year. ABI Research says that while the wearable computing market failed to take off in the past due to things like ugly watches, watches that were too bulky, and watches with poor functionality; things are set to change this year.