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MetroPCS launches Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G

MetroPCS is adding a new device to its smartphone lineup. The new device is an upgrade to the Samsung Admire. It adds 4G LTE connectivity to the entry-level Samsung smartphone. Besides 4G connectivity, the device also comes equipped with some other upgrades and improvements, and it maintains an affordable price tag.

Apple and Samsung in court again over $1bn fine

Apple and Samsung are going to a place they both should be all too familiar with today; the courtroom. Samsung is hoping to fight off that massive $1bn judgement against them. Apple, on the other hand, is actually hoping to get another $535m tacked on to the judgement. Apple is arguing that because the jury ruled that Samsung's infringement was willful, it should be required to pay an even higher penalty.

TomTom Navigation app gets support for more than 200 more devices

TomTom, one of the leaders in GPS navigation, has just dropped an update for its Android app. The update adds some new features, but the most important part of the update is that it adds support for more than 200 new Android devices. This means a ton of new people will be able to use the app to find their way from one place to another.

Safely distract kids with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for Kindle Fire

Sometimes, you just need a way to keep the kids busy so you can get stuff done. Well Amazon has launched a service called FreeTime Unlimited for Kindle Fire that is a kid-friendly entertainment service designed to keep kids happy and entertained. The subscription-based service pulls in books, games, educational apps, movies, and TV shows that are specifically designed with young people in mind.

PhoneJoy Play smartphone game controller on Kickstarter

One type of smartphone accessory that people always seem to want is a good game controller with developer support. For most games, on-screen buttons can get the job done, but in almost all situations, physical buttons make for a better experience. A new device called PhoneJoy Play has hit Kickstarter, and it's a controller that supports almost any device you can think of.
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