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Google readies indoor maps on Android for holiday shopping season

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season are right around the corner. This means its time to start planning where you are going to find your deals, and the quickest ways to get yourself in the store, to the items you want, and on to the next place to get your deals. Google is ready to help, with indoor Google Maps of select retailers that will help you get in, get the deals, and get out.

GoPro finally releases an Android app

GoPro, the popular action camera, has finally releases an Android app that works with its cameras. An iOS app has been available for the GoPro for quite some time, but GoPro is finally bringing one to Android. This allows users to control their GoPro cameras from their Android devices, which helps them keep the action going without removing the camera from whatever part of their body its attached to.

Nexus 4 sells out in UK in 30 minutes as Google Play annoys buyers

The Nexus 4 went on sale in Europe and Australia, and it sold out in a matter of minutes, and left customers rather angry. Buyers had a hard time resisting the incredible unsubsidized price of the device, and thus, they came out in droves to grab one. Google, apparently, could not keep up with the demand for the device, and ran out quickly. This, of course, led to the site spitting out all kinds of errors, which led to some frustrated potential buyers.

India bringing low cost Aakash 2.0 Android tablets to students

Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee announced that the country is brining a new, low-cost Android tablet to students. The new Aakash 2.0 will be subsidized by the Indian government, which should make it cheaper for students to get their hands on the device. The device normally costs INR 2,236 ($40.79), but for students, the subsidized cost will be INR 1,132 ($20.65).

HTC may have to pay Apple $6-$8 for every phone sold

A report has come out that HTC may have to pay Apple $6-$8 for every single smartphone they sell, according to Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee. Apple and HTC announced a licensing and settlement deal over the weekend, but no monetary terms were included in the release. According to Wu, "conversations with industry sources" led him to reach the dollar amounts he is estimating.

Channel 4 announces video services coming to Android

Channel 4 has announced a great deal of improvements to its mobile offering, which should make fans of the channels rather happy. First, Channel 4 bringing its full range of mobile services to Android, which is great news for everyone. Currently, Channel 4 is available on iOS and some other mobile platforms, but starting in 2013, Channel 4's on-demand service called 4oD is coming to Android.

ASUS denies refunds to Google Play purchased Nexus 7 tablets

ASUS has taken to Twitter to clear up a little confusion in regards to the refund vouchers they are issuing for people who bought a Nexus 7 just before the price drop. ASUS took to Twitter to let everyone know that any tablets purchased on Google Play are not eligible for ASUS' refunds. Originally, ASUS announced that buyers who purchased the Nexus 7 in Europe would get a £25/€30 voucher.

Pulse reading app updated with unlimited pages, improved navigation, and more

One of the more popular reader applications, known as Pulse, has just received a huge update that brings it to version 3.0. This update adds some slick new features, some of which are exclusive the Android version of the app. The biggest new feature for the update is addition of unlimited pages. Now, users can add as many sites as they want, which should make using the app a whole lot more enjoyable.