UK carrier Clove has just announced that it is taking pre-orders for a 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Clove first revealed that the device would be available in this size back in August, and now they are finally ready to start letting people put down their hard-earned cash for a device, sort of. They are selling the 64GB version for £500 (£600 including VAT).

Don’t get too excited though; as they are not expecting to have stock available for approximately two months. Another issue is that they are not guaranteeing they will stock the phone unless they receive enough pre-orders. This means that Clove will not actually charge your card until they know that they are going to stock the device.

Clove says that they will decide in two weeks time whether or not they will carry the device. If they don’t receive enough pre-orders, the orders that are placed will be canceled and they will not carry it. If they receive enough pre-orders during that two-week period, they will ask customers to confirm their pre-orders and actually pay for the devices. At this time, Clove will provide an ETA for the arrival of the device.

This is certainly an interesting way to do pre-orders, and its one we don’t see often. If you are interested in getting a 64 GB Galaxy S III, and you are in the UK, you better get your pre-order in or else they may not even carry the device at all.