If you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have some good news for you. A developer that goes by the Twitter handle @KillDroidHack has managed to grab all of the core apps for Android 4.2 and uploaded them in a nice little zip file that you can flash to your phone and use. This should come in handy if you want to check out the latest stuff right this minute instead of waiting.

This zip files has all the cool stuff such as Gmail, the keyboard, clock, PhotoSphere, calendar, alarm, and more goodness. If you can’t wait for if and when 4.2 hits your Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you no longer need to. Of course, it needs to be said that we did not put this ZIP file together, and we are not responsible for what is contained within. Anytime you install anything like this to your phone, you need to be careful. If something bad happens, don’t blame us.

The one app that was notably missing was Google Wallet. Well, OMGDroid’s Keyan has gone and uploaded a separate file with Google Wallet, so you can flash that to your device as well. Between this, and the larger ZIP file, you can get most of the Android 4.2 experience on your device right now.

When you install these apps, make sure install them like a normal apk, or place it into your system apps. Be sure you know what you are doing; the last thing you want is to brick your phone trying to install these apps. This is definitely some good news for owners of the Galaxy Nexus. Looks like the holidays are here a little early for you guys.

4.2 core apps
Google Wallet

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[via @DroidHackKill on Twitter]