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Android expands to Taiwan

Google has confirmed that they have set up a team to provide technical support for the Android operating system in Taiwan. Presently, the support will be only for phones and declined the support will extend to low-cost Netbooks.

1.1 Android update available

Google has issued an update for the unlocked version of the Android phone. The version is specifically made for developers. Several bug fixes for issues that involve the alarm clock, device sleep, POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) email, and email notification are among the updates. Added to this includes the ability to save MMS attachments and voice search. As for matters of accessibility to applications, Google will only block those applications, regardless of whether they are free or paid, that use Google's copy protection. Different from the consumer version which allows users to copy applications which are sold exclusively through T-Mobile's Network. With this however, Google is blocking access to all copy protected applications, even for copy protected applications on the open device. Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate for Android says "many developers are concerned about the unauthorized redistribution of their applications, developer phones like the ADP1 allow for unrestricted access to the device's contents, making it impossible to enforce copy protection. If you choose to add copy protection when you upload your application to the Android Market, then you won't be able to test it on the ADP1's Android market client." [via CNET]

Android to outstrip iPhones by 2012

Industry watchers predict the lead iPhone has over the competition may be short lived. Informa Telecoms & Media have predicted in a new report that Android smartphone sales will outstrip iPhones by 2012. Overseas last month, Telefonica Europe said that sales of the iPhone topped 1 million in the U.K. Although T-Mobile UK, the exclusive carrier of the first Android device, the G1, would not say exactly how many of the devices had been sold, it did say the handset now accounts for 20% of its contract sales. London-based Informa believes Symbian's switch to open source will help the Symbian Foundation maintain its leadership over Android, Linux, and Microsoft over the next few years. Notwithstanding, according to Informa, both Android and OS X are eating into the market share of the best-selling smartphone OS maker, Symbian. Last year, just under half of smartphones sold were based on Symbian, a drop of 16% points from the year before when it had 65% market share. BlackBerry OS, Linux, and Windows Mobile are also gaining popularity and eating some of Symbian's share. Overall, Informa suggests smartphone sales will be immune to the global economic downturn, maintaining a prediction of "robust growth" of 35.3% year over year. The direction of phone technology will be very interesting to watch. I am at a loss to think what form a phone will take by 2010, let alone 2012! Who will you put your money on? [via CNET]

Maybe an Acer Android for Christmas

Acer smartphone boss Aymer De Lencquesaing has escalated talks today that Acer may be developing an Android phone in 2009. Previous suggestions were made at the Mobile World Congress although now developments seem a touch more solid. Acer unveiled a number of smartphones during the Mobile World Congress. Now another two are scheduled for the forth quarter of 2009. When asked whether the new models would be using an alternative operating system to Windows Mobile De Lencquesaing said, "there is a possibility, yes." Although no concrete 'yes' or 'no' was given about whether said operating system would be Android, there are not many other choices available unless Acer is looking to jump in with the Symbian Foundation. So this is what we know: Acer are bringing out another two models in late 2009, they might not be operating with Windows Mobile, this might mean the integration of Google's OS and with this, Acer becoming part of the Android Open Handset Alliance. It is only March, looks like we are in for a wait to find out. [via Electricpig]
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