Fresh off the news that Asus is coming out with three new tablets running Honeycomb, comes the news that 3D may be a feature on a future tablet which also has a quad core processor. The hint comes from a chat with CEO Jerry Chen where he claims that part of the company's plans for 2011 is to introduce a 3D tablet with a Quad-core processor. The tablet is rumored to be made by the same company that builds the LG Optimus Pad since it will have a 3D screen. And since Asus is wall to wall with Honeycomb now, there's not need to assume they will change course unless Google releases a new OS flavor by then.

As reported here, NVidia announced Quad Core chips at Mobile World Congress. Dubbed "Kal-el," a reference to Superman, the first generation promises to be five times faster than the current Tegra 2 chip. Video quality will leap as well, going to 1440p resolution, double that of 1080p. Toss in 3D and you've got quite a screaming media platform there.

No word on when, or how much, but rest assured, we'll be paying plenty attention to it.

[via Unwired View]

  • Quad-core Honeycomb

    Quad-Core + the right form factor (e.g. Asus Eee Pad Transformer with standard ports) + the right price (~$400 to $500) + Honeycomb => selling faster than a hooker in Bangkok!!!

  • Henry

    I don’t think we will see quad core tablets until next spring at the earliest. Tablet makers are having enough trouble keeping the costs down with dual core tablets! But I can’t wait to upgrade to a quad core tablet next year!!! Gaming on tablets will be insane at that point!

  • Gbxx69

    This is good for end users.. possibly not so great for Android/google.. as the tablets become MORE powerful like laptops.. no doubt you can run multiple o/s’s on them without a hitch/problem… Imagine choosing windows xp, or windows 7 instead of android? Obviously quad core processors will mean that they will be pushing 1+gb of memory.. enough for a lite edition of windows 7 & plenty for xp…
    So, it will be interesting to see if google can keep the android faithful onboard when the specs show that they won’t have a monopoly on which o/s can be loaded.

    • Anonymous

      You have a point, but remember that these hardware manufacturers love the android ecosystem. They can charge less for their products as the Android operating system is free. If they were to sell devices with Windows on it, they’d have to pay licensing costs to Microsoft.

      The real question is would consumers be willing to pay extra for Windows on their tablets. Me personally, I’d prefer honeycomb as it seems to be a better optimized tablet os.

  • Mr Zuloo

    Can’t wait! 3D is moving so fast. LG is bringing out their phone in a couple months and be sure other manufacturers are standing around while LG lives it up. They are working hard to top them. Android will keep up with hardware power just like they have so far so goodbye Microsoft. 😛 you had your chance and you blew it with high costs and crappy software. Welcome to the Droid revolution!

  • Jrurzua

    finally, a tablet for the real world. Man i am going to love running this on my 4G hotspot and with those graphics and great hardware specs plz, plz, plz dont forget to include all the video codecs so I will be able to play all my favorite movies and videos (even the one with the AC3 filters, arrghh).

    this tablet will blow my laptop away, but thats cool i’ll probably retire my laptop when i get this, lol.

  • hmm…………3D will only double or even triple the price……couldn’t they just produce something without 3D display, it’s not for everyone though…….

  • anonymousbob

    I new there had to be a quad core coming out…. if they can get a quad core in the new PSP then why not a tablet.

  • Kepplerh

    I really don’t like how the screen is not centered, enough that it would affect my decision to buy one. Also, the manufacturers should wait to release their quad core models until ICS is ready.