La vaca santa! After winning injunctions against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and Australia, not to mention other various lawsuits around the world, a tiny Android tablet maker from Spain has successfully defended itself in a criminal patent suit. NK-T, makers of cheap Android tablets for their regional market, found themselves labelled as pirates and criminals when Apple filed an complaint against them in November, 2010. The court found NK-T innocent of criminal charges today.

The small company posted a victorious message to their blog. Via Google Translate:

Needless to clear all the damage it has caused this unjust accusation , both economically and emotionally to our company. We are a small company like many others in these times of crisis we are trying to get ahead, and it seems grossly unfair that a company the caliber of Apple has to use its dominant influence. Parallel to this, start the corresponding civil suit against Apple for consequential damages, lost profits and moral damage.

It looks like NT-K is going to pursue a civil case against Apple, and well they should – by filing the original complaint in criminal court, Apple saw to it that the company’s merchandise was seized and their EU import privileges suspended. looking through the company’s website, it looks like they only have one model for sale, a standard 7-inch Gingerbread tablet, which doesn’t even bear the resemblance to the iPad that Apple is claiming from Samsung’s devices.

With all the patent trolling Apple is doing in the US and abroad, it’s nice to see a win for the little guy. Of course, Apple went after a Spanish company on their home soil, and did it with an overbearing criminal case that they probably wouldn’t dare against the likes of Samsung or HTC. Here’s hoping this is a sign of more rational judicial decisions to come.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • Ek145

    So happy Apple lost. Bad Karma for them. 80 Billion in cash, just isn’t enough for Apple.

    Very Sad.

  • Jj

    Yeah!l! We did it! Now those bastard can kiss my ass.

  • Dthornton

    Best news of the day.
    Is it me or does this tablet look like the Archos g9?

  • It really is sad that a big company like Apple is trying to unjustly shut off a little company like this. This only shows us the ugly face of Apple and its evil ways of patent trolling. They should be ashamed of themselves and learn to be a little more fair. The tablet really doesn’t look like iPad at all. I just wish those people who almost worship Apple could see this side of the things, but i’m pretty sure the PR people in Apple would never let that happen.

  • The NK-T sounds like a really good product.  I like Apple products but find them to be  alittle out of my price range and it’s nice to know that you can buy a type of general product and have it work just as good as the top of the line products. 

  • Anonymous

    fuck apple, maybe all of android should move to spain.  a truly smart nation when it comes to trollie shit corps like crapple

  • Anonymous

    All apple was able to do was get this company free publicity. I’ll take one if its less then 250 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    Good for them, sue apple for every penny they have.

  • Kamikaze

    Hahahaha.. Dig that you s*ckers..!!!