Apple loses tablet patent lawsuit in Spain

November 2, 2011

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  • Ek145

    So happy Apple lost. Bad Karma for them. 80 Billion in cash, just isn’t enough for Apple.

    Very Sad.

  • Jj

    Yeah!l! We did it! Now those bastard can kiss my ass.

  • Dthornton

    Best news of the day.
    Is it me or does this tablet look like the Archos g9?

  • It really is sad that a big company like Apple is trying to unjustly shut off a little company like this. This only shows us the ugly face of Apple and its evil ways of patent trolling. They should be ashamed of themselves and learn to be a little more fair. The tablet really doesn’t look like iPad at all. I just wish those people who almost worship Apple could see this side of the things, but i’m pretty sure the PR people in Apple would never let that happen.

  • The NK-T sounds like a really good product.  I like Apple products but find them to be  alittle out of my price range and it’s nice to know that you can buy a type of general product and have it work just as good as the top of the line products. 

  • Anonymous

    fuck apple, maybe all of android should move to spain.  a truly smart nation when it comes to trollie shit corps like crapple

  • Anonymous

    All apple was able to do was get this company free publicity. I’ll take one if its less then 250 bucks.

  • Anonymous

    Good for them, sue apple for every penny they have.

  • Kamikaze

    Hahahaha.. Dig that you s*ckers..!!!