Google released the Chromecast SDK a short while back and that prompted a few app updates. One of those apps was AllCast, which comes courtesy of Koushik Dutta. The AllCast update was sort of expected, given we had already seen that functionality added, then removed in the past. But perhaps a bit more interesting, a new teaser is mentioning the possibility of being able to mirror Android on a Chromecast.

As you likely guessed, this teasing is being done by Koush. There wasn’t much in the way of specifics, and instead the teasing is being done in meme form. The image, seen here in the post, is asking what you would do…if you were told he could have your Android handset mirrored on your television through a Chromecast.


This obviously still needs a bit more clarification. For one, we have yet to see whether this would be added functionality to the existing AllCast app, or if Koush would roll this out as an entirely new app. Regardless, it seems to go without saying, Koush would likely have plenty of users waiting to part with a few dollars for the new functionality.

Otherwise, that AllCast app was updated back on February 4th. At the time Koush mentioned how it took him roughly 20 minutes to update the app (after the SDK was released) and that the process was “very trivial.” For those unfamiliar, AllCast allows the user to stream locally stored images and video from their Android device to a Chromecast.

AllCast is offered in a free version with some limits on functionality, and also a paid version. The free version has one main limitation, it limits image and video viewing times to one minute. Naturally, the paid version opens it up so you can extend well beyond that one minute.

  • Dayle Soares

    cant wait …all the best Koush

  • Michael Wilhoyt

    Making a new app to do this would be kind of a slap in the face of the people who paid for ALLcast (I’m one of them). Unless I’m mistaking the definition of the word ALL in AllCast.

  • Jason Williams

    I already voiced my displeasure with the all cast app with Koush on Twitter. The lack of a browser to find files to cast is really problematic, especially if your media isn’t where AllCast expects to find it.

    Furthermore, the app should be able to pull files from the network and stream them to a destination. He replied and said he would work on it. I’m hopeful because the concept is a great one.