Whoa another update to the Android Market appears to be rolling out today. While many are still currently on the new 3.1.5 version Google is now pushing a much improved Android Market v3.3.11 to get us up to speed above the latest 3.2.0 that leaked from Ice Cream Sandwich. This appears to be the absolute newest market from Google although we are hearing it wont play nice with Honeycomb so flash at your own risk. We have tons of new options and settings and I’m really like the auto-update only over wifi option for those larger games that take forever. More details and download link after the break.

Aside from the few UI tweaks and changes they have added some awesome new features or settings that many have been waiting for. Instead of manually making certain apps auto update now you can check one box for all, this is nice and about time they’ve added that one. We’re also seeing options to update over WiFi only for those bigger games. Just like Honeycomb apps we’ll now get the icon shortcut added right to our homescreens automatically, and you can opt out of that too of course.

Not only that but there is a new icon in the application tray for the Android Market, as well as the entire app having slightly smaller font. My personal favorite is the graph showing the rating and level of stars each particular app has received, now we’ll be able to actually tell how many people gave it a 1 star rating before we download. We are still enjoying the new market and will update once we notice any additional changes. More details are available at the source below. Download the new market at the link provided and let us know if you find anything else special or new.

Android Market v.3.3.11 — Download (2)

[via Android Police]

  • Anonymous

    is there a sort option?  i have hated the market ever since they redesigned it because all the apps are in alphabetical order.  i don’t need apps in alphabetical order since i have frequently downloaded apps and gotten back to them later and completely forgot what i just downloaded because it has been quite a bit later.  plus this also buries which apps in my list were recently updated.

    anyone know how i could contact whatever group is developing the market app so i can pass along my concerns?

  • David Nguyen

    I really don’t like android market v3.x just cuz the market doesn’t show all the app as its supposed to be…. like if you search for “Go launcher ex theme”, the old version (v2.3.x) would show around 2000+ theme while since v3.x, it only shows around 30 of the app, you can do the same thing on a desktop android market website, the site shows more apps than what the new version of android market can show… this only counted on the apps that’s compatible with your phone… so there is a huge bug with the android market. I agree that it has better UI, interactions, and functionality but the main point is to search for apps, if it can’t even do as good as the old version, so what’s the point of a beautiful market app that doesn’t give you the app you search for? (right now “Handcent SMS” has been disappeared from the Android Market, but you can still search for it from the old version)

  • S7vendad

    Bad link..Waste of time..

  • Bakes5981

    I have 3.2 on my phone right now. I can’t install this though. What gives?

  • How is this being “rolled out”?  Through the Market itself, via software update, or what?

  • Ilostmygoldfish

    had really old market (before the black with books and stuff versions) for months, couldn’t get it to update no matter what i did and was too scared to try downloading apk in case my phone exploded XD  thanks so much for the download works great 🙂
    i posted this months after this page was put up… XD