Well folks, if everything that happened last week regarding Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t enough, we now have what appears to be the brand new Android Market version 3.2.0 right from ICS. There is some trickery involved at getting this on your Android device, but it appears to function fine although we don’t see many changes.

With all the leaked 4.0 screenshots and everything else that was revealed it was only a matter of time til we received the market. I’m sure more will be leaking over the week too. You can also download the new Google Music or Google+ 2.0 apps from Ice Cream Sandwich by clicking here. This isn’t the usual easy to download and just simply install over the previous version type of deal so it may take a little trickery to get it up and running — so do this at your own risk.


*You can try to install this .apk over top of your current market, but it may not work. If it won’t, then you will need to be rooted and follow the instructions below.

1. Download the file (Phonesky.apk) to your SD card.
2. In Root Explorer, find the file you just downloaded and copy it.
3. Move into /system/app and hit the R/W button to mount – then paste the file.
4. Find Vending.apk and rename it to something like Vending.apk1.
5. Long press on Phonesky.apk and rename it to Vending.apk.

Give it a try and you should have the latest Android Market, the same instructions should also work on all Android tablets too. You may run into some permission issues and will have to change a few things using root explorer if that is the case so head on down to the source link for full details. Basically this is one of those things you can try if you’re feeling on the edge, but a better, easier solution should appear any day now.

[via Droid-Life]