We didn’t think that LG would be able to release Android 6.0 for the LG G3 this quick but good news, the smartphone is about to get Marshmallowed. The mobile device’s latest software update is now rolling out but only in Poland. At least, there is hope for other LG G3 owners as they only have to wait for theirs to be sent to their phones over-the-air (OTA).

Actually, some variants of the G3 have been able to get Android 6.0 together with the LG G4 already. If you may remember, the 2015 flagship phone was the first LG unit to get the newest software. It’s impressive that from KitKat (Android 4.4.2) to 5.1 Lollipop to this Marshmallow , the G3 has weathered a number of versions already and the South Korean tech giant can still update it to the latest mobile OS.

We don’t have link to the official software location but as expected, the Android geeks over at XDA Community have a way out. The ROM was then quickly shared on Reddit. Please take note that this software version is only for the LG G3 D855 variant. Feel free to use the files and flashables including the TWRP-flashable stock rom, boot and modem zips, KDZ, individual images are also included.

android 6.0 marshmallow lg g3 d855

Make sure that you have installed TWRP 2.8.7+ first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the files listed below. XDA developer autoprime even suggest not to root the stock Android 6.0 especially after flashing the 30B kdz. You may do all these steps on any Android KitKat or Android 5.x phone. Simply flash the zip files shared below to finally update the rooted stock Marshmallow according to the dev.

(1) Download 30B boot(autorepack), system zips below, and place on internal storage.
(2) Get latest SuperSu zip (2.65+) and place on internal storage.
(3) Download Sharpening Mod 3.5 zip, place on internal storage.
(4) Reboot into TWRP. Don’t delete anything. Backup current partitions like boot, system, data, efs. Press the home button.
(5) Factory reset is optional of you’re from Lollilop. Other ROM need factory reset. Wipe button > swipe slider.
(6) Install the modem, boot and system 30B zips [any order] (Install button > select zip > swipe to confirm)
(7) Hit the Home button then install the SuperSu zip. Doing this will patch boot partition to add root.
(8) Install the Sharpening Mod 3.5 zip. Choose any level of sharpness. This particular step will BUMP the boot.img.
(9) Reboot into Android. If TWRP still asks if you want to install SU, choose No. All done!

Download the following:
• LG-D85530B-Flashable.System.zip
• 30B KDZ Mirror

VIA: Reddit


  • meir0n

    does this method going to erase photosvideoschat-sms logs?

  • Adu-Mensah

    I can’t wait for the update on the D851. Lollipop is quite better and I can’t wait to be marshmallowed 😉.

  • Nathan777

    I keep checking the Update center on my LG G3 like crazy, I can’t wait for the Android M 6.0 update to arrive on my phone. Seeing that Android M maybe the very last update the G3 gets. I am anxious to get it, and enjoy its features.

    • steenbok74

      check out this site http://lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=41

      there you will find the marshmallow update for your lg g3
      lool in the right upper corner ,at new added,and choose polpoland d855 30b
      i lsao installed this on 31 december 2015 on my lg g3

      • Nathan777

        How do I install it?, after I download it?. I don’t know how to do it.

  • Mark ‘Markus’ Perro

    just allow mock locations in developer mode and download GPS fake location, set to Poland and good to go.

    • Andreas D.

      this would really do the trick? Isn’t the phone suffix (e.g. 6SW for switzerland) relevant for the update?

  • I can’t wait for mashmallow for my LG G3. And rooted with search4roots root.