A good number of dates have already come and gone but Android 4.4 is still nowhere to be seen. This latest number, however, may yet prove to be closer to the truth as it is reported to come from Google itself, at least according to the GO Launcher team.

Like any other upcoming product release, Google’s latest Android iteration is surrounded by rumors, leaks, speculation, anticipation, as well as frustration. We’ve had a long series of supposed launch dates, almost all of which have not come to pass. With just a week left before the expected launch month is over, which of course is also a rumor, all that’s left is the October 28th date that was also dropped last week.

It seems though that Google may yet release Android 4.4 before this week is over. On its Facebook page, the makers of the popular home screen launcher GO Launcher claims to have received a special invitation coming from Google itself for the launch of the next Android version. That invitation puts the launch this Friday, October 25. They don’t mention anything about the Nexus 5, though.

[UPDATE] The date might actually also be Saturday, October 26 depending on the timezone of reference. GO Launcher’s base of operations is in China.

Many of you might already be quite tired of the launch date rumors and might decide to just let it happen when it happens. In the meantime, you could brush up on the features we’re expecting Android 4.4 KitKat to have via our timeline links below.

SOURCE: GO Launcher EX
VIA: Reddit

  • Frix Lyam

    In China it’s already Friday October 25th, tomorrow is Saturday 26th, correct you!

    • Justin Swanson

      Yeah, depending on location it’s well into the afternoon.

    • John Bailey

      Well, considering Google is an American company operating in Pacific Time, I’m sure they don’t release shit in Chinese time lol

  • Jeannie

    Date “Postponed”. Or they just wanted some free PR…

  • dhoje

    postponed !!

  • roberto

    I think next android version is full of bugs and google can’t release it that way. Or OEM tell google they won’t support it because of too much google experience. There is no other explanation besides they never planed to release it in october.

  • Yam

    It’s been post poned according to GO launcher on their twitter feed.

    I give up, I’m just gonna stop checking up on this junk..

  • Dragonscourgex

    Haha…this is the downside of the “rumor mill”. Now, people are going start blaming Google, when they never said it would be out on any of the dates that have passed. I wanted it to come out as much as anyone else…but I prefer them to take the time to make sure everything is working and not release a half baked update. I do wish Google would at least give a time frame instead of keeping hush hush and letting the people go crazy with rumors.

  • Vinod Shinde

    What happened at yesterdays “night out with Google Play” event in New York?

  • RSerda

    whateva… wake me up when the party starts.. homie don’t play dat!

  • ChuckNoland

    Do I have time to run to Target before it comes out? I don’t want to miss anything.

  • Deval Khatri

    I seriously hope and wish that It comes out this weekend and I can have the whole weekend to play around with KIt Kat on my nexus 4, releasing it on 28th is like making someone dream about an amazing vacation for a weekend and then changing the dates to a weekday so he can’t even have the time to enjoy it due to work life! lol

  • hate_bogus

    nothing is postponed. Google did not announce a date to postpone. It’s all rumors from bogus idiotic websites to get more hits

  • John Coronado

    Still sitting here scratching my nuts waiting………….and maybe I’ll start scratching my ass too while I’m at it… this happens every time. “Hey we are launching this date!”, “Or is it this date?”, “Who misplaced the Google calendar and who the f*%k is keeping up with it?”, “Screw it, let’s just launch after we smoke a few buds, troll around this playhouse campus and eventually finish programming! That’s when we’ll launch!” “Wait I forgot something, we’ll need to take a nap before we finish programming…”

    • Aaron

      Jesus… it’s just a software update for pete’s sake

    • blah blah blah

      Realise that if you were to release it early, you would get bugs. So if you want a stable release of android, you will need to wait till its done.Plus they released 4.3 a few months back, so I don’t think they would be slacking off mate.

  • Nicolas


  • Nicolas

    This is Nick with GO Launcher. It’s my mistake to release wrong message that Andorid 4.4 is Oct 25, and we didn’t receive invitation from Google, because I read an old news. Sorry for the heart attack.

    • John Coronado

      “I read an old news???” No wonder you can’t get the date right. You can’t even form a correct statement. Sorry just pointing out yet another one of your mistakes….. Are you sure you should be reporting?

      • martin

        He’s from China as the article says, so stfu u little prick.

  • John Coronado

    With a name like Nicolas he doesn’t sound to Asian to me. Either way there is translation software so how about you stfu Martin. Either way he shouldn’t be stating release dates if he or go launcher does not have the right info. Let me guess you are one of the ones that hides behind a PC and likes to talk s*&t? You sound like the prick.

    • ⓂMarikel Lika

      But weren’t you the one who was being a prick making fun of the guy’s English? You need to chill lmfao. I think you’re the one that hides behind a PC and talks sh*t. And in case you didn’t notice, American names are pretty popular among the Asian crowd, so names mean nothing.

      • John Coronado

        Nope, was not making fun of him, just pointing out his improper grammar and incorrect date. Read my statement again. If I was making fun of him it would have been along the lines of…”lol, I read an old news?” “Can you not speak English?” That my friend is making fun of what he said. But my statement does not come across that way…

      • ⓂMarikel Lika

        But it actually does come across that way. Commenting on someone else’s grammar online is just stupid in itself, let alone when you’re doing it to someone who cannot speak English well. If you said that to someone in public, you would probably get punched in the face.

  • John

    Android SUCKS!!!! full of promises but nothing ,rather buy a iPhone

    • John Coronado

      I think I’m going to do the same. I started on the nexus one, and I’m tired of this too. Also the updates are not that great…

      • John Burrows

        And iOS 7 is? HA.

      • John Coronado

        At least apple scrutinizes the apps unlike Google who just let’s anyone publish an app. I have been in android for 5 years now mind you. At least iOS is stable.

      • John

        What does apps have to do with the stability of the android software?

    • blargh

      K then, have fun with less freedom to change softwares.

  • anonymous

    Its a software update. No need to obsess over it, neither get angry over it. They were wrong, we get it, so get over it.

  • laserlord

    So, where the f**k is it???

    • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wherrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee???