Good news folks, if you’re rocking an Acer Iconia Tab you’ll be receiving the update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich this week. Acer has confirmed the update should be available for both the Acer A500 and the smaller Iconia A100 starting April 27th, although we are hearing reports of the update rolling out as early as last night.

It appears the update for Acer’s tablet has been rolling out across Europe for a few weeks now, but the US and Canada have been told they’ll have to wait until April 27th like stated above. According to AndroidPolice a few lucky users in Canada received the update last night, so we should be seeing this rollout any time now for the US too.

A build of ICS for the Acer tablet was leaked back in February, but this is the real official version from Acer themselves. We are currently looking for an official changelog or more details but have yet to find anything. If everything goes as planned the update should be arriving for the A500 and A100 on Friday for users in the US, and if you’re lucky it might come sooner. Sources also confirm a small 17MB update will hit after the ICS update, most likely a small bug fixer of some sort.

Have you received ICS on your Acer A100/A500 yet? If so how is everything running?

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  • azndragon767

    Just updated to ICS on my Iconia Tab A100!  It’s running beautifully!  So far no bugs or anything, just very tasty!  I live in Ontario, Canada, so any other lucky folks living here can update to ICS too! 😀

    • Really! I have not got mine yet…by the way does this delete the stuff you have saved on the tablet already??

      • azndragon767

        No it doesn’t.  Everything seems to be intact. 🙂

      • Feubank2

        Got my ICS 4.0.3 for A500 this morning at 3:00 am. Still waiting for my A100 in Austin TX.

    • Kkazakov

      My update fails always 🙁 I’m now backing up my tablet to SD card, so I can reset it fully and try to update again.

    • Mlewis607

      has nothing to do with where u live. Updates come out n batches aaccording to serial numbers

  • Crismdq05

    Yo también recibí la actualización en mi Acer Iconia A100 ayer por la mañana y la verdad que corre muy bien y se ve muy lindo. Yo estoy en Argentina. Muchas gracias!!

  • Rufusdared

    Also got my update!

  • Litecandidate

    I from RUssia. Hope, i will can update my tablet a100!

  • Allan Pageau

    From Canada, Got the update, worked fine for several hours, froze, cannot reset – nothing – she’s dead! will not boot! Anyone know of this being reported

    • Eric Zaba

      what I do is I just hold the power button down a long time and it shuts done to be turned back n

  • juanpa

    From Mendoza, Argentina, i didn’t get my update still… 

    • Pablosiklosi

      Todavía no puedo actualizar soy de Mendoza Argentina

  • Dreaming1320

    Updated my a200 this morning and it working great so far. Waiting for the update on my a100

  • dgtronic

    i got the update on my acer a100 on april 23rd. I live in Canada. It runs great except its missing a  couple of the col features 🙁

    • Dave Bonany

      from Canada the update this morning..

    • Jenna4167

      Does the update let you move apps to the SD card?????

      • Dave M.

         Get the app2sd app from the android market.

  • Nicholas Dowland

    got the 4.0.3 update and now Sky Go no longer works :o( 
    HTC Sensation

    • Vincent A Rojas

      Got my Acer a500 updated this morning at 9:35am. I manually checked for an update and was surprised to see there was an update for ICS.
      I was dissapointed when I saw there isn’t any unique features like Acer ring,face unlock and Acer unlock ring. All the wait for nothing special. Good job Acer!

      • DaveM.

         Mine came in 2 updates…the first one didn’t have the ring lock update…but the second one did.

  • Recieved one of the units updates while on travel in the US, NYC on the 19th.

    Everything is ok except it crashes one of my apps.

  • Dave M.

    Got the Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Iconia Tab A100 at 5 am this morning.  Still waiting on the update for my A500.  It works smoothly on the A100 and battery life seems a small bit better so far.  By the way, I live in Ohio.

  • Preston Hartie

    Ice cream in my acer!!!! Working great! was playing games at 1:50 am and update popped up and i downloaded it it was about 160ish MB so i thi=ought it was just getting my ready for ICS but it was it! yeah boyyy (like flavorflav) so for not too much different than 3.2 and everything ive played works fine. Seems to scroll alot smother between screens and the app icon updates look better too.

  • Asty

    I had a big 300mb update for my A100 but my Android Version still says 3.2.1…Shouldn’t it say 4.0? I live in Australia, does anyone know is the update has rolled out here yet?

    • Nativeglo

      I followed the prompts when I was notified that the update was available but when the update was complete my device info still said 3.2.1 So I went to settings and then back to device info again and checked update tab and followed prompts again……………Success!

    • juanpa

       I think they should say 4.0.3…try to turn off and turn on again…

  • Robd1892

    device is up to date….grrrrr

  • erscxo

    no update on my a100 yet 🙁 3pm in PA

    • juanpa

       Where are you from?

  • juanpa

    no update A100 yet… 

  • Verrot Galon

    Anyone else lose all their live wallpapers after updating? The ones I have are ones I downloaded from the play store. I didnt even get the phase beam wallpaper thats supposed to come with 4.0.

  • Hotfrog Knt

    it is 1:30pm April 27th, and I am on the west coast but I have Not gotten the update for ICS on my Acer A100 yet 🙁

    • GTawesomesauce

      I live in central time and still haven’t got in for my a100. >:@

  • Lp_customs

    Gen2 3.2 a100 southern Ohio no update yet…….that’s even if there will be one

  • Aqua_beaver

    I got it, habemus ICS on A100, even in México

  • world web weaver

    I got my update A500.Los Angeles

  • David Martinez

    U.S. Central time and I received my update message when I woke up this morning.

  • Manfred29

    I didn’t even get my update yet. Shitty Acer.

  • Robd1892

    I have a link to a solution from the acer forums.  It’s at your own risk but I did follow it and it worked for me, I have ics now. 

    Go to page 2 and follow the instructions from IcyLoon.  Worked like a charm.  But if you read the beginning post, there is something acer is not telling a100 owners.

  • Vmarcano718

    Menu. Settings. About. System update. Done

  • Asty

    AUSTRALIA A100 OWNERS, I did this and it worked. I now have ICS.
    (Got the instructions originally from here

    1. Download this (Acer_A100_1.014.08_COM_GEN1 <<< MD5 = cc1bc6becdca06a70ace5615e120dd0a (This is the Stock 3.2 HC firmware from XDA (Thanks XDA))): Place the file on your external SD card (no renaming necessary due to the fact it is already named Make sure your card is FAT32 formatted. It's fairly straightforward to format the card and you can easily find instructions on your favorite search engine on how to do that.3. Turn unit off. 4. Place the tablet in horizontal position and ensure it is plugged into the wall charger. 5. Press and hold the left (up) volume rocker and press and hold power button. Release power button BUT CONTINUE TO HOLD THE VOLUME ROCKER until you see the load screen (Andriod guy). Once you see Android Guy, release and walk away from the tablet for about five to 10 minutes. 6. Come back to the tablet (which should have automatically restarted), and go to Settings, About Tablet, System Update. 7. Keep installing system updates until you get to ICS. 8. Enjoy the rest of your life!     

  • Dusty Tarlton

    Houston TX had to get the app and update it and immediately got the update love it oh so much too thanks acer

    • Abrahamsntmr104

      i live in Houston and i haven’t gotten the update!

    • Mikeliut

      NO ICS updates in DFW!

  • greg

    On west coast , still no update 🙁

  • Tony98989

    mine too in northwest nothing as well

  • Elrobbob

    Maryland near DC

    Just got mine…..Suweeeeeeeeeet

  • F0XD1E

    orrin bailey: hello there, i was wondering when the update for A100 was in the U.S? I havent received any notification or anything Supratim Das: I understand how inconvenient this could be. Let me see what best I can do to resolve this issue for you. Supratim Das: Could you please confirm the SNID of the computer? orrin bailey: sure orrin bailey: *Typed SNID here* Supratim Das: As per our records the Acer computer is in standard limited warranty. Let me see how best I can assist you with this. Supratim Das: As I understand you haven’t receive the update on ICS for your A500 tablet. Am I correct? orrin bailey: no, I haven’t received the update for my Acer A100 Tablet Supratim Das: Okay. Supratim Das: Orrin, this is to inform you that the update for the ICS is available and is being released in batches, we recommend you to keep the automatic update enabled through Apps > Settings > About Tablet > System Update > Check the box for “Automatically check for system updates”. This will help the tablet detect an update as soon as it’s available for your product. This update will be available for all the A100 / A200 / A500 tablets.
     orrin bailey: oh, so it may just come as soon as it can, being its sent in batches, the time may be a little unpredictable? Supratim Das: Orrin, we already have initialized the update, would request you to please wait, you will get the update for sure.  Supratim Das: Orrin, to conclude we have informed you about the ICS upgrade status and this should help you fix the issue. If there are no additional questions on this topic, I will close the chat session. Supratim Das: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for using Acer Live Chat. Please feel free to contact us again. Have a nice day. orrin bailey: okay, thank you Supratim Das: You are welcome.Okay so apparently its slow update because They are sending it in batches, so this is probably why a lot of people haven’t received it yet, but most likely when one person receives it, a ton will. so i guess i can afford the wait

  • Jon Garrett

    anybody in NYC get the update yet?

    • Jonathangaraway

      Just had a chat with Acer in the us they said is will be released in batches not all updates will be released at the same time, I think they are doing it this way to stop overloading their servers.

      • Jonathangaraway

        That’s ice cream sandwich updates

      • Jon Garrett

        thanks dude.

  • Les

    Got mine last week. A100 “About” says Android 4.0.3, yet no facial recognition for unlock, no screenshot trick, no screen saver icons. Am I missing something?

  • Sue

    I did the Update but NO ACER RING on mine!  Where do you find the Acer Ring??  Hope someone can please help!

  • Gubz

    Updated mine in Oregon and now it is stuck in endless reboot every time it is connected to wifi… Have to go in real quick and turn off wifi to get out of rebooting cycle… So horrible update in my opinion… My tablet is a paper weight now… Anyone else having this issue or know a fix… I have a A100

    • Drea

      Hi. I got my update…I also have the A100. I have not updated yet….worried if I do I will own a paper wait. About 2 months ago I had an update for my phone (samsung Continuum thru verizon) and now my pnone is useless…so Im being careful with my tab. Anyways…do you recomend not updating?? Thank you.

  • Josh

    Haven’t got an update for my A501 in Indonesia…

  • Maximilian Pessl

    Just updated a few minutes ago.
    The ICS System image is awsome and fast. I would recommend the update for everyone.

    Greetings from austria

  • Sugarsoul_87

    Updated mine, it’s pretty fast and the ui is definitely different from the prev version. 🙂

  • Plaidmanindividual

    My Iconia 100 updated over the weekend and initially I was happy with it. But one feature of the Browser is sadly no longer available… the honeycomb Browser would allow you to switch between “tablet mode” and “desktop mode” and now flash no longer works on my tablet. I always used the desktop mode specifically for watching video… now a bunch of websites don’t work (such as PBS) 🙁 I’m so disappointed by this flaw i guess I’ll start using my netbook again. This was a really important feature that ice cream sandwich eliminated!!!

  • Scott Henderson

    Still no update on my A100, though my wife’s A100 updated the day of this post. 🙁

  • G5runner

    Just got mine, 2 round of updates, I think the first update was just getting the device ready for 4.0.3. Everything is fine and faster.

    • Nano5th

       How long does it take between the two updates? I got the first one, and I’m impatient for the second. I keep checking for system updates and it keeps saying up to date 🙁

  • Quest1z2002

    Got an update .. its currently “unzipping” luck to me.. 

  • Derrick-owens

    why does my A100 shut down when not in use for 3 to 5 minutes. It is completly shut down not in sleep mode it seem the sleep mode is not working is there a setting for this.
    I don’t want to reset to factory and loose everything if i don’t have too but if I do is this a guarntee that it will fix the problem

    • Mine is doing the same thing. I just did a factory reset and it did not fix the problem.I chatted with Acer and this is what they told me to do. Very frustrating! I have no clue what the problem could be. Please help someone!

      • Shinta

        I bought it yesterday (Jan.25,13) and I had same issue after updating to ICS. Then it could fix temporarily with installing “Softlocker Free”.

  • Ea

    Montreal Canada. Got the update today May 4 and there is no glitch whatsoever. Test to be sure:
    usb to your pc
    volume cotrol
    You will get a system update after which it’s still 3.2. System update again and you will get ICS.
    Nice Acer!

    • Ea

      WiFi also of course, but it worked right away

    • Homer

      I received an update last week but still have 3.2.  How long until the next update for 4.0?

  • Plaidmanindividual

    OK… I figured out the issues with flash player and the “desktop mode”. The “desktop” has only been moved to the initial settings pop up and is called “request desktop site” but you have to click this for every website you want to view in desktop mode (I guess something I can live with). And Adobe has released flash player 11 which I just installed and everything seems to be working now… just took a couple of hours research to fix.

  • Reed420

    Still waiting for update for my A100 in US. HOPE TO GET IT SOON!!! Wish me luck.

  • ys

    Just got an update to Android 4.0.3 today, after 2-3 update last week. Mine is A100, from Cleveland.

  • Mikeliut

    Is ICS safe?  Still haven’t received notice of system update on my A100. Is everyone updating through the regular channel… i.e. system update?  

    • Ea

      I have 3 A100 in the family. I did update 2 without a glitch. They did not have too many apps, but all is fine. I just received the update notification for the third one, which is quite loaded with apps. If you wish, I will let you know how it goes.

      • Ea

        Got the third, all seems to work: Navfree GPS, Skype, Kindle, new camera, MX movie player…

      • Mikeliut

        Did you get update notifications on all 3?  I still haven’t got mine yet.
        Seems like someone else posted after ICS update their A100 is useless… “a paper weight”.  I experienced the ICS update on the ASUS tablet Transformer Prime which turned it to a paper weight with random reboots. I finally had to returned the damn thing.  ICS update on A100 is fine? No random reboots?

      • Ea

        What can I say? I have the Asus Transformer at work and it went smooth something like 2 months ago. I don’t work for Asus or Acer, so other people’s stories have the same weight as mine. Just sharing my experience. 

        No, I did not get notifications for Acer. I just polled system update.

  • Crashproject

    My acer a100 updated 3 days ago (NYC) and my headphone/speaker issue is still not solved with ICS!!!! ARRHGGG!!!!!!!

  • Scott Henderson

    Got frustrated waiting from my A100 to update, since my wife’s has several weeks ago, so I logged an issue with Acer Support and was told to perform a Factory Reset, which did nothing but wipe everything. Then I was asked where I lived. No further response was received, so I decided to do a live chat during lunch. After being told to download the ICONIA TAB Update Enhancement app for the A500 from the Google Play Store, I was finally transferred to level 2 support.

    Acer Support Level 2 Karen C: Are you located in the US or Canada? 
    Scott Henderson: Canada 
    Acer Support Level 2 Karen C: ICS updates for the A100 for Canada (PA_CA) are temporarily on hold due to an issue that was found.  
    Scott Henderson: Is there a posting of the issue, so that I can determine if my wife’s A100 is experiencing the problem?  Is there a scheduled ETA for updates to be restarted? 
    Acer Support Level 2 Karen C: They are currently working on the issue but we do not have an eta on when it will start again  
    Scott Henderson: Is it just an updating issue or a function with the update that has been released that causes a problem with the tablet?  I’d like to be able to determine if my wife’s tablet is having the problem. 
    Scott Henderson: You may also want to notify level 1 support of this, as I mentioned Canada in my second comment. 
    Acer Support Level 2 Karen C: It is an issue with the language setting and that is all the information that I have 
    Scott Henderson: Ok.  Is this posted somewhere online, so that I can check back to see when the issue is fixed? 
    Acer Support Level 2 Karen C: No, I don’t think this information is online they are working to try to fix this asap.

  • ValentinMTL

    Hi Scott,
    did you get your ICS on A100 yet?
    I just got the same answer from Acer Chat as you did today.

  • After I updated my android version a month ago, my iconia a100 will not let me upload or download anything if I connect to any public wifi connection, it will show that I have connection but cannot access the internet. But I can connect and use the internet if I connect to a secured protected connection. Why is that happening??? Any ideas? Please help..

  • karl

    a have my update .. yes 🙂