TeamWin Finds EVO 3D Exploit, Root May Be Coming Soon

You may not know who TeamWin is but they are the guys that brought things like WIMAX and HDMI Mirror to CM7 for the EVO. They are hard at work but they have families and jobs just like the rest of us and this will take time. According to a few tweets along with an already huge thread over at XDA they have found an exploit in the kernel used on the HTC EVO 3D and are looking good for root access in the coming days.

Get Your Google+ Invite from AndroidCommunity!

Google just launched their new social networking plan and they are calling it Google+. With the million of Android owners and Gmail users and the rest of the population using some sort of product of Google, they seem to be in a good spot right about now. Google has already developed a great mobile application for Android and an iOS version is on the way, then the rest is done all via the web. Get your Google+ invite and start sharing thoughts or pictures with all your friends and family just like on any other platform. For now Invitations are closed and the program is in Beta, but once they start allowing invites again we'll take care of you. Mall Offers Android-based Multimedia Store – Win or Fake?

This is quite the interesting turn - Giga Market Ltc and Seavus Group have whipped up a new "mall" for Android that, if appearances are true, will take the rest of the app stores out there and throw them directly in the trash. This is mall, an Android-based application and multimedia portal where you can purchase and download not only the apps that you love, but e-books, audio books, music, and video. Thus far they've only got apps, but they've got such impressive entries as Plants vs Zombies, Vignette, Angry Birds Seasons, and Falldown - but wait, something looks sort of suspicious…

PowerSkin offers HTC Sensation and ThunderBolt Battery Boosters in Slick Octopus Lining

Ever since we first saw and experienced the massiveness of the battery extension for the HTC ThunderBolt, it's been a bit of an issue for the Android public to rectify the extending of said battery in the ThunderBolt and in every other Android whose connection speed and/or abilities to provide excellent day to day Android awesomeness have left their users in low battery water. Therefor it's nice to see that PowerSkin has stepped up to the plate with a couple of "skins" that'll boost the power AND leave room for the uniqueness of two of our favorite devices in the Android world: the ThunderBolt and the Sensation!

Samsung Galaxy Z gets official: Slimmed-down GSII

Samsung's latest Android smartphone has been outed, and it's clear the company has been looking inward for its inspiration. The Samsung Galaxy Z is a more compact version of the Galaxy S II, with a 4.2-inch WVGA Super Clear LCD display and 1GHz dual-core processor. There's also WiFi, Bluetooth and a 5-megapixel main camera with an LED flash and HD video recording. GPS, an FM radio and 8GB of internal storage round out the key specs, along with a microSD card slot. OS is Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with the usual TouchWiz modifications. Currently the phone us up for preorder in Sweden, priced at 3995 SEK ($635); there's no word on whether the Galaxy Z will launch elsewhere, though we would be very surprised if Samsung didn't push out versions across Europe. It seems something of a halfway house between the original Galaxy S and the SII, and considering the popularity of both devices that's probably not a bad idea. [via Samsung Hub]

Android growth stalls as iPhone picks up according to report

Nielsen tracks just about every market there is to track in the tech world. The company tracks the smartphone and mobile market to see what OS is the most popular and show what devices are selling the best. The company has published a new report on the smartphone market and the report has Android sales slowing.

Microsoft signs up Onkyo Corp for Android-based tablet patent agreement

I don’t think that anyone is supposed that once Microsoft made its intentions to enforce patents for tech that is used inside many Android-based tablets that the Android world would start having to pony up licensing fees. The patent deals come from the licensing arrangement between Microsoft and General Dynamic Itronix. HTC had previously agreed to license the patent from Microsoft for an estimated $5 per device sold. Not long ago Velocity Micro also stepped up and licensed the patents from Microsoft as well.

Sony S1/S2 tablets get PlayStation demo and video fondle

The last video teaser we saw of the Sony S1 and S2 tablets, the company was strapping them to a Rube Goldberg-style machine and hardly telling us anything at all. Happily a brief demo of the Android Honeycomb prototypes in Munich this week has been more elucidating; while Sony still isn't saying much about final specs or software, at least Golem got to briefly play with the slates. The S1's 9.7-inch display, folded-magazine style tapered form factor and light, 600g weight met with approval, the wedge shape make for something easy to hold. Sony apparently had Crash Bandicoot running on the tablet, with the on-screen PlayStation controls straightforward to use. The company is still generally quiet, but has apparently confirmed PlayStation Suite compatibility. As for the S2, that's a lot more compact than we initially expected - the clamshell form-factor hiding its dual 5.5-inch touchscreens well - and does a decent job of minimizing the gap between the two panels. Sony hasn't confirmed pricing or availability, but previous leaks have suggested a September launch in Europe which could well mean an IFA 2011 official reveal. [youtube nGyynWokrpA] [via SlashGear]
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