Ever since we first saw and experienced the massiveness of the battery extension for the HTC ThunderBolt, it’s been a bit of an issue for the Android public to rectify the extending of said battery in the ThunderBolt and in every other Android whose connection speed and/or abilities to provide excellent day to day Android awesomeness have left their users in low battery water. Therefor it’s nice to see that PowerSkin has stepped up to the plate with a couple of “skins” that’ll boost the power AND leave room for the uniqueness of two of our favorite devices in the Android world: the ThunderBolt and the Sensation!

These new skins are made with an extra smooth finish provided by shock-absorbing silicone thus adding to the cool HTC soft-plastic legacy. Will it make our hands say “ahhh” in the same way? We shall see. For the HTC Sensation we’ll be getting an extra 360 minutes of talk time in a 1500 mAh expansion of the pack in, like I said, a sweet octopus-laden casing. Blue lights show off the power capacity, all of your favorite parts are still exposed for maximum Android usage.

The ThunderBolt casing will add the same 1500 mAh of power, this time expanding talk time by 340 minutes. This particular skin will also make way for the Thunderbolt’s unique kickstand, acting as a sort of boat for the already high-floating ThunderBolt in all its glory. Your ports will remain uncovered as well, so no worries in all cases. Both cases also feature an “optically engineered” camera lens window that’ll make sure there’s no interference with the camera at the same time as eliminating any flash glare from the skin’s surface.

Charging the skin consists of the same plugging in via USB that you’re used to, your device being charged here first followed by the skin. Both skins will be available in mid-July for $59.99 on Power-Skin.com, OR if you pre-order you can get a $10 discount. These skins will also be appearing in T-Mobile stores (the Sensation skin, that is,) nationwide starting today.