I know that there were a bunch of Android fans out there that were waiting impatiently for Netflix to finally launch its app for Android users. Once the app hit it was welcomed, but as some found out the app only supported a limited number of handsets leaving a bunch of Android users without streaming TV and videos. If you picked up the new HTC Evo 3D, you were one of the users without official support.

The good news is that some people have figured out that the Netflix app will in fact run without issue on the Evo 3D. The app is hidden from Evo 3D owners by default. The first step to streaming glory is to set your phone to install apps from unknown sources. That requires a trip to Settings, then applications, and then tick the Unknown checkbox. After that, you can install the app.

GoodandEvo reports the easiest way is to email yourself the install file as a Gmail attachment and install from the email. The app can also be placed on a SD card for install. Once done you can stream all you want. Users repot that it works perfectly and the streaming looks good.

[via GoodandEvo]