Aircell unveils Android Aircell Smartphone for business jets

Over the last year or so Aircell has become one of the leading providers of in flight web connectivity for commercial jets and has offerings for private business jets as well. The company has announced a new product that is specifically for private business jets called the Aircell Smartphone. The device is described as the next-generation cabin headset for business jets.

HTC ThunderBolt BodyGuardz Carbon Fiberish Armor Application [CTIA 2011]

This year at CTIA 2011, SlashGear and Android Community were contacted by a group called BodyGuardz. This is a group that creates and skins for devices of many shapes and sizes, most notably for us the Motorola XOOM tablet and the HTC ThunderBolt. What BodyGuardz enticed us with was the prospect of getting 2 of their very first custom-cut-on-site HTC ThunderBolt wraps. These wraps were so fresh off the press that the paper backing had no brand and a freshly cut edge. It was like we were in the lab! We were so pumped up that we had to take a couple videos showing the application for all of you to see the loveliness.

T-Mobile LG G2x Hands-On

Take a peek at a rather enticing Android 2.2 Froyo handset that'll be available this spring (2011) from LG, carried by T-Mobile. This is the "T-Mobile G2x with Google by LG" - that's the official title, as our main homie Brian Scollo from LG tells us. This is a Vanilla flavoring of Android 2.2 Froyo, which, as you know, means its just the basics, a great way to experience Android if I do say so myself, and what's inside? No less than our good pal the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core Processor, here each processor clocked in at 1Ghz. Power woo!

A Hearty Thanks to our Street Team, Business Contacts, and Close Friends [CTIA 2011]

Let me tell you, Android Community, and I mean that like you, all of you out there that came up to us during this convention over the past couple days to either give us a tip, ask us which phone we were using as a primary, or just to say hi: we love you! I shouldn't really call you a street team at the moment since technically you're not taking stickers of ours and pasting them on stop signs - but perhaps soon! We've had a great time meeting ALL of you here in Florida and hope to meet up with you again soon!

T-Mobile LG G2X DivX Certified!

Welcome yourself to the G2X, or the "T-Mobile G2X with Google by LG" as they like to call it officially. It's a medium weight phone thats much taller than it is wide, with a brilliant display, a Vanilla flavoring of its Android 2.2 version of the Google mobile os, and you'll be able to play all your ever-loving high-res videos on it right out of the box in your very favorite format - it's DivX certified - it says so right there in the info!

Opera Mobile & Mini Browsers get updated for Android, Reviewed on Xoom

The makers of the popular Opera browser have been busy making their browser quick, stable, and silky smooth. Lately they have included some huge changes that are sure to make things interesting in the Android browser wars. Today Opera has updated both versions and are available in the Android Market. Huge improvements such as hardware acceleration make Opera Mobile extremely smooth. We have some hands-on with the Motorola Xoom below.

HTC Thunderbolt Download 30+ Skins for Sense UI 2.0

So everyone has started to get their new and awesome HTC Thunderbolts over the last week or so. I'm sure you all love it. For those like me that always want to tinker, or change how things look we have a little treat for you. A XDA member by the name of sopL87 has made a huge collection of unique and nice looking skins for your Sense 2.0 device. They work on the Thunderbolt as well as the Desire HD and basically any Sense 2.0 device. Here are a few of my favorite.

HTC EVO 3D Ad released

HTC has released it's first commercial ad for the HTC Evo 3D. The ad takes the phone through it's video playback and record paces and features content bursting from the screen into the third dimension. It also mentions the wireless streaming to TV feature of the phone. The slogan ... glasses off, 3D on ... your mobile life in 3D. HTC and Sprint announced the Evo 3D at CTIA yesterday in Orlando Florida. It's killer feature is the ability to view 3D content without the need of those geek ridden 3D glasses. Using an autostereoscopic, 4.3-inch qHD display and powered by a dual core 1.25 Ghz Snapdragon processor, the Evo 3D not only allows users to view 3D content, but make it as well. It features twin 5MP rear facing cameras that can shoot 720p HD video at 30 frames per second in 3D. The Evo 3D runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) out of the box with the latest HTC Sense 4.0 overlay. It also enjoys on board apps like Yahoo 3D for uploading 3D content, and Blockbuster 3D, which allows users to purchase and rent both 2D and 3D content, and games as well. Check out our Hands-On here. The HTC Evo 3D will be available through Sprint later this summer. [youtube JSuD45mRl_o]