Epic Games on Future Android Plans

Epic Games is the maker of the immensely popular Infinity Blade for iOS. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine to provide users with a graphical experience that has yet to be on a mobile device. After seeing the impressive Epic Citadel demo, Android fans were wondering if we would ever see the technology on our devices. The answer was simple: possibly, but not yet.

Kongregate Arcade is Back in the Android Marketplace

Just a week ago Kongregate Arcade appeared on the Android Market. In an unusual move from Google, the application was pulled the very same day due to issues with the application offering up what seemed to be application downloads. Now the app has been resubmitted with some changes in hope of Google approval.

MyTouch 3G Update to Froyo Rolling Out Now

Word from a fellow by the name of "Hamburger" in our discussion forums is that T-Mobile is pushing out an over-the-air update to all MyTouch 3G holders out there. Which update, you ask? Why, Android 2.2 Froyo of course. If you've been following this story you'll know that these myTouch people have been waiting a while for this and were even promised that they'd have it by the beginning of February. Turns out it's here now!

Droid X2 Successor Codenamed Daytona, Shipping in May with Tegra 2?

Motorola is a key player in the current Android market. With powerful devices such as the BIONIC and Atrix on track to release this year, many are wondering what will be their next product. It seems that it will indeed be the successor to the DROID X which is currently in development under the codename "Daytona."

Adknowledge Launches Monetization Solution for Android Game Developers

Making money from development is heavily based around a revenue stream. Sure developers can sell their app, but most of the flowing stream of revenue comes from ad clicks, in-game purchases, and upgrades to premium versions of the app. Until know there hasn't been a single go-to option that would handle most of these methods of receiving pay, Adknowledge has introduced a new monetization suite that will simplify the process for developers. The suite is completely constructed for the Android platform and is not a port from another OS. Offering up simple tools to streamline monetization, the product will allow the developer to choose how to receive revenue. The product will help implement ads, in-game purchases, in-game currency, paid downloads, subscription-based pay, or a mix of any of the following. Hopefully this suite will allow developers focus less on how they're going to fund their work and allow them to have more time to develop. Press Release: ADKNOWLEDGE LAUNCHES MOBILE MONETIZATION SOLUTION FOR SOCIAL GAMES AND APPLICATIONS Adknowledge’s Super Rewards Android Monetization Solution Drives Free-to-Play Model Forward in the Mobile Space SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Inside Social Apps Summit– Jan. 25, 2011 – Mobile game and app publishers have a new, powerful way to earn recurring revenue by using the first product built specifically for the Android platform that combines direct payment methods, advertising offers, application installs and customer service all within a single SDK. Adknowledge today announced its venture into the mobile ecosystem with the release of its Android SDK. The new Android SDK provides publishers with the ability to maximize earnings per user, gives consumers the ability to acquire virtual currency in multiple ways and provides advertisers with new channels to reach their target market. Information about the Android SDK can be found here: http://www.srpoints.com/industries/mobile/android-sdk. Significant Opportunity for Mobile Advertising and Monetization Providing monetization solutions on mobile devices is a natural extension of Adknowledge's business. As the leading long tail advertiser marketplace, Adknowledge connects advertisers to consumers in hard-to reach places on the Web, including email, search, domains and social networks. In addition, through its Super Rewards division, the company has led the revolution in the monetization of games on social networks and standalone sites. "Subscription, banner and paid download models have proven to be challenging ways to monetize many mobile games and apps," said Chris Smutny, general manager of Adknowledge's game division. "However, the free-to-play model is proving itself to be a powerful way to monetize games. We have seen the success of F2P in games on social networks, as well as on standalone games. The next frontier is mobile. Over the last three years, Adknowledge has helped thousands of publishers to develop, grow and monetize their F2P games. We are uniquely positioned to do the same with mobile game developers." As smart phones become increasingly powerful, the opportunity for them to be used as robust gaming platforms greatly increases. Among smart phones, the Android ecosystem provides mobile game developers the ability to reach a rapidly-growing user base. In 3Q10 for instance, the Android OS represented 26% of new smart phone sales (Gartner November 2010 report "Competitive Landscape: Mobile Devices, Worldwide, 3Q10"). The company plans to launch subsequent mobile products over the next year, including products focused on other platforms, as well as on the web. A Robust Mobile Monetization Solution Mobile game and app publishers can enjoy valuable benefits that Adknowledge's web-based monetization platform already provides to thousands of game developers. Mobile developers will now have access to an aggregation of mobile-optimized content including direct payment methods, advertising offers from Adknowledge's 10,000+ advertisers, application installs and full customer support for the gamer. The Android mobile SDK works on the most popular Android devices running OS 1.6+. Publishers can now download and integrate within a matter of minutes. In addition, the Android SDK uses the same optimization algorithms as the company's web-based platform. This means only the offers most likely to result in conversions will be shown to users, thereby maximizing revenue-earning potential. Since revenue performance varies based on the specific application dynamics including the level of user engagement and game dynamics, Adknowledge's game analysts provide publishers with strategic counsel to maximize earnings while improving the user experience. All of the company's pioneering platform controls that are provided to web-based publishers continue to work with the new Android SDK, including the industry's first and most robust content filtering, whitelisting and blacklisting controls. In addition, publishers can use a simple, single login across all of their mobile and web-based games. The developer SDK is available at http://cdn.superrewards-offers.com/docs/Android_SDK.html Fresh on the heels of securing $200 million in equity and debt funding, today's announcement continues Adknowledge's momentum and extends its leadership as the most valuable one-stop- shop for publishers and advertisers. Thousands of game publishers already use the company's Offer Wall platform to generate reliable revenue quickly and efficiently. More than 10,000 advertisers use Adknowledge's BidSystem, www.bidsystem.com, to promote their offers across the long tail in "hard to reach" segments of online advertising such as mobile, casual gaming, email, social networks, display, and domain inventory. About Adknowledge Adknowledge operates the 4th largest marketplace for advertisers to connect with their target audiences in hard-to-reach places on the Web with similar ROI as search. Since its founding in 2004, Adknowledge has grown organically and through acquisitions (including Miva, Super Rewards and Hydra) to become the largest privately-owned Internet advertising network. The company connects advertisers with consumers across the long tail Web via multiple channels, including mobile, email, search, domains and social networks. For more information on Adknowledge, visit www.adknowledge.com.

PlayStation Phone Close Up Hands-On Preview [Video]

It appears that none other than our pals over at Engadget have gotten their hands on an official Xperia Play, aka the Playstation Phone. Take a very close look at the hardware, the software, the camera, and the smoothness of the overall experience. It looks fab, it looks great, and it looks like it's going to be quite an amazing package.

Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S Now Free On Contract

The ultra-lush Samsung Armani Galaxy S has been quite the talked about device. Bringing in designer premiums into the mobile phone market in the UK, it has been met with mixed opinions. However, now the deal is a little sweeter with the device being free, on contract of course.

BlackBerry PlayBook and Handsets to Run Android Apps?

It appears that the Boy Genius Report has received several words from several sources on the following bit of news: RIM may very well be seriously considering a feature that would let BlackBerry users run Android apps on their BlackBerry devices. This is big news, especially since PlayBook is set to be a big contender in the oncoming tablet wars, with Android/BlackBerry compatibility, its power to hold the eyes of consumers may have just doubled. Research in Motion (RIM) appears to have been trying to find the road that it'd like to walk down as far as how the Java environment it's got working now will work in its upcoming QNX tablet and handsets. RIM has stated publicly that it is looking to get a Java virtual machine running on PlayBook, but they've not yet appeared to have decided what Java VM they'll end up using.

LG Optimus V Appearing at Some Virgin Mobile Stores

Just as expected, although a little soon, the LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile has appeared in stores. Currently showing up in select stores, the popular entry-level device is just as all other Optimus One devices, this time featuring Virgin Mobile branding.