So you’re itching to grapple your fingers around that spiffy new Android phone from Sony, yes? You’re in LUCK as if you’re living in the UK and you want to pre-order this lovely device, the Xperia Arc, aka Xperia X12, you can do so right this moment via for the low low price of £459.99 with free delivery if you life anywhere inside the kingdom. They note that the expected release date for this device is April 1st, 2011. Cool beans!

If you take a look back down memory river, you’ll perhaps remember the release of the Xperia X10 around this same time last year (or a bit earlier, if you want to get technical.) When that phone was on pre-order, it cost a whole £70 MORE than the one we’re looking at here today. That’s nutso! Take a ride on down to if you’d like to grab the Xperia Arc on pre-order today. If you need some more convincing, take a peek at our sister-site SlashGear’s full hands-on extperience from back during CES 2011 last month. Hotness!

[Via SlashGear]