First of all, no, “tired and boring” is not the name of the next expansion. Let’s talk for a moment about Angry Birds, the franchise. It’s a game that’s available for Android, iOS, soon to come to a plethora of different platforms, and it’s a board game. And they have toys made of the characters, they plan on making a television show out of it, and they want to make a movie. And there’s cakes. So many cakes made of Angry Birds and their pig adversaries. The cake you see below this paragraph is the death cake. A nice lady from a different state made this cake for a very good purpose (to eat it,) but it marks the end. Angry Birds has run its course, and we’re right here calling it dead in the water.

I know it’s harsh, and I know a lot of people still love it, but those people have only played this game for a week and they’re simply not exhausted of the exact same premise over and over and over again. When will the people realize that games like this are not only ruining the Android platform, but they’re making us as consumers stupider as we accept this game as a full fledged production.

In the same way Hollywood is presenting the new endless torrent of vampire movies and the forever bottomless pit of romantic comedies that has been being harvested for decades, this game is good for a single date, and only if you want that date to end badly. Rovio – time to move on. Complete the series now or you’ll go the way of the Beanie Baby, and there’s no grocery store endcap for mobile apps.

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  1. Are you kidding? Rovio’s going to keep cranking out follow-ons as long as they’re making money on it. Are you saying that if you were the owner of the Angry Birds franchise, you’d drop it on principle and create more intelligent games? Good for you, but good luck having another hit like Angry Birds. If you don’t like it, invent your own hit game.

    • I’m not saying they should start a new game…I’m merely pointing out that everywhere I turn there’s some mention of Angry Bird. Gets old quickly.

    • Easy, the author wrote an opinion; there is no need to jump his throat about it. I happen to belong to the aforementioned group of folks who have played this game for only about a week. It’s not old to me yet, but I could see how anything has the potential to were out.

  2. Thing is, the premise and execution of Angry Birds isn’t even that original or new.

    Rovio is a one-hit-wonder publisher milking all they can from a franchise before investors come knocking at their door asking for another blockbuster that they won’t be able to deliver.

  3. Angry birds may be a flash in the pan, and turn out to be a short-lived fad, but “stupid and boring”? “Makes us dumber as consumers”? I’m not sure how a FREE game that provides a few hours of fun makes me less intelligent; maybe if I hadn’t played Angry Birds I’d be smart enough to figure that out on my own?

  4. I personally like Angry Birds, and think its a good quick time-waster (like Snood, when that was the big thing when I was in college) and that you’re right. The series, though fun, can’t keep going. And wait… television show?! Movies?!! Wow… THAT is just ridiculous.

    I kinda agree. Its fun for a quick game, but nothing to really go in-depth over. It’ll come and it’ll go… but I don’t really agree that its making us more stupid, though. if you see it for what it is, you can’t believe it to be more than that.

  5. Angry Birds is ruining the Android platform?!?!? Huh? How? What is this article talking about? I know more and more people each week who get hooked on this game. And their fixation has lasted much longer than just a week. I would continue, but this article is too trollish to command anymore of my time.

  6. Fine, play chess, sudoku, some checkers perhaps. There will always be a market and platform for simple and addictive games. What purpose do car racing games and Sim City serve?

  7. lol its funny that this article not even being about android phones get more attention then any article i have ever read on this site that was about android phones XD

  8. Because the author is an Android user and he is sick of getting updates *WAYYYYY* slower than iPhone/iPad users. Not to mention the poor performance on a high-end Android handset (and compare this to a low-end iPhone original.) Huh.

  9. Because the author is an Android user and he is sick of getting updates *WAYYYYY* slower than iPhone/iPad users. Not to mention the poor performance on a high-end Android handset (and compare this to a low-end iPhone original.) Huh.

  10. Angry birds rock its fun and enjoyable! not tired or boring! who ever does not like angry birds Sucks! I have angry birds toys and bean bags and the board game!

  11. I tried this game for a week and after that was really nothing more to look forward to with it. Don’t get what all the hype with this is all about.


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