WiFi Only Galaxy Tab on Hold says BestBuy

Waiting seems to be a commonplace when talking about the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab. We heard that it was supposed to be launched alongside the 3G version, but plans have dwindled and we have been left in the dark about the status of the device. Best Buy seems to be going back on their recommendation of it in their November mobile buyers guide and are now issuing a correction in stores stating that we will not be seeing the device here soon. Jeff Jarvis snapped a shot of the delay notice, which you can read below. Now we didn't think we would see the device in November. Samsung has commented on delays for the device but other than that, details have been scarce. However, we can only assume they're pretty eager to get it to the public as quickly as possible, hopefully before the holidays. [Via AndroidCentral]

Buy a Smartphone or Galaxy Tab, get a Smartphone Free, at T-Mobile

Starting Black Friday, T-Mobile users will have the option of signing up for a 2-year Family Plan and will receive an "affordable Android handset" for free! Many of the devices offered are really powerful such as the G2 and myTouch 4G so don't miss out on this deal if you're looking for a new phone!

Welcome to the Angry Birds Peace Summit

There has been alot of tension between these greedy, egg-stealing pigs and the Angry Birds, but it looks like the two are going to finally come together and form a peace treaty. The peace mediator is going to have his hands full for sure.

B&N NOOK for Android Hits v2.4

While the original NOOK eReader has just received a pretty big update of its own, Barnes & Noble wasn't going to let their Android version of their popular eReader application miss its own update. So thankfully, the company has officially pulled the curtain off the latest update for the NOOK for Android eReader software. It's available now, and the software version is 2.4.

Notion Ink Releases Official Adam Tablet Website

Ohhh my goodness it's here. A real live friggin amazing webpage for all those awaiting what might be the greatest tablet since Moses stood up there on the mountain top. This is the Notion Ink Adam and it's completely ready to go as far as a webpage presentation goes. Take a look below for some tech specs and head over to SlashGear for the full presentation.

Barnes and Noble Releases “Love of Reading” TV Ad Spot for NOOKcolor

Bookstore Barnes and Noble release today their first big television advertisement for NOOKcolor, a device they're promoting as a device in which they've inserted what they say is "All [they] know about reading." It's all in there! Experience millions of books like never before (including video content inside recipes which, just so you know, wont be available until at least Q1 of next year. Relax with the magazines you love whenever and wherever, share with the ladies sitting next to you getting a perm, and read books to your kids (or have them read to them by the device!)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Users in Spain Redeem their Codes for Free Keyboards

To promote the brand spankin new Samsung Galaxy Tab's release in Spain, Samsung Spain sent out a promotion whereby Galaxy Tab purchasers would be given a free keyboard that their device would be able to plug into. Very neat! The thing is though, it worked too well, and they had to pull the promotion before they gave out more vouchers than they had keyboards! The people that were lucky enough to receive a code that would give them a keyboard may now rejoice, as their keyboards are ready to ship.

DROID Pro Commercial from 2004?

Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense. But why else would this commercial be using a parodied version of the song "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls? This BRAND NEW commercial posted by ShareMoto on YouTube just this past Friday (in the year 2010) touts the new DROID PRO by Motorola as a work phone you can take home, too. Sassy and sexy! They say it features Corporate Email, it's Built for Google Apps, and has a 1GHz processor, Global Connectivity (In Over 200 Countries), Personal Hotspot, Adobe Flash Player, and access to Android Market.