So our pal Joel Evans over at ZDNet decided to pick himself up a no-contract Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon. As you know, without a contract, this particular Tab ends up costing $599.99 right off the bat. From there, pay close attention to all of these fees, as they’re real life, more than likely what a person would pay picking up a Tab from their local Verizon Wireless shop. Joel’s first bill right out of the shop ended up being $684.78: this included $39.99 for a case as well as $44.80 for tax. After that, he read the fine print and found out how much he’d REALLY be paying.

Your first bill from Verizon (this is later, after the initial purchase) will include a $35 activation fee. You can get this amount back if you’re dissatisfied with the Tab, but only if you return it in under three days. If you return it in under three days OR over three days, you’ll be charged a $70 restocking fee.

As you know from our Samsung Galaxy Tab: Five Carriers, Three Cases – Which Feels Best? post, Joel’s first monthly bill will be at least $20 (for the 1GB data plan, which he did, in fact, opt for) – that plus the $35 activation fee, plus $5.67 taxes and fees, plus $0.65 for a partial month of use:

Verizon bills you for one month in advance: In my case the service started on 11/11/2010, and the bill date was 11/12/2010. So, I owed 65 cents for that partial month.

All of this ends up equaling out to approximately $61.32 for your first month’s bill. If you’d like to cancel your broadband connection because you feel these fees are wild and crazy, you’ll have to pay a $35 fee to reconnect it. If, however, you tell Verizon that you’d like to “suspend” your account, you can pay $15 to do that. Outrageous or not outrageous in the least? You be the judge.

[Via ZDNet]