There has been a lot of debate over the current 4G situation across the networks in the U.S. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon claim to each have 4G networks, or planning such networks, but that hasn’t stopped Sprint coming out and stating in a recent video that they are the only carrier with a true 4G network.

”Other carriers might claim to have a 4G network, but right now Sprint is the only national carrier with a true 4G network.”

In the video found below, Sprint is discussing the availability of it’s WiMax 4G network that has just been unleashed in Los Angeles. We see Michael Galluccio, Sprint’s Sales Manager New York Metro, using pipes as a visual reference for how each carriers network can perform. Sprint simply stated that 4G is about capacity, a capacity in which they have the upper hand in.

Also of note from the video, we learn from Teresa Kellett, Director of Sprint 4G, that we will be seeing a lot more 4G in the coming months. In fact, we will have 4G all the way east to Ontario, and then as far south as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach.


[Via IntoMobile]


  1. I have many friends with the 4g Evo phone in NY; Queens area, Brooklyn, and Long Island. All of them are disappointed they don’t have 4g ( maybe in a small area once someone had 4g)
    On the other hand i Know many who own the T-mobile MY Touch 4g and or G2 phones and might not have true 4g but get download speeds better then what Sprint falsely adversities claiming is 4g! I personally waiting for Verizon to come out with a true LTE 4g network and show every one that their 4g claims are bogus!

  2. I live an hr from philly still don’t have 4g. Im in allentown Pa spoke to a sprint rep back in june I was told in september well its now November nothing!! Funny I was told the same from clearwireless!!!

  3. Sprint’s 4G(WiMax) sucks! Even if you’re in a city that has it, you can’t use it when indoors. The reason is the frequency that it rides on.

    Until Sprint figures out a way to get better building penetration, with the current frequency used, or goes to a lower freq, Sprint 4G is worthless!

  4. 4G is strictly defined as 100Mbps. Does anyone want to make the claim that Sprint’s “True 4G” can actually handle that kind of bandwidth (however theoretical it may be) on a single device? I spent a lot of time helping out on the phones getting people set up with port forwarding for video servers on Sprint’s networks, and I can tell you now, I measured every one of them. Not a single device got over 7Mbps.


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