LG Loop for Rogers Now Available for $30CAD on Three-Year Contract

The LG GT540 was first showcased back at CES this year, and while it may not have been explosive enough to blow the socks off anyone even remotely interested in the Android platform, it's still an LG manufactured Android device. That's something noteworthy in of itself. It's been several months since its debut, so it's good to see the device is available on a carrier, even if it isn't one in the United States.

HTC PC10100 Enters FCC, Featuring AWS 3G and HSPA+

Rumors about the HTC Glacier, an exceptionally powerful device featuring T-Mobile's HSPA+, began a few weeks back, and despite there not being much more information about the device since then, it's never left our mind. Now, thanks to Engadget, there's a new AWS-equipped device making its short-term home within the FCC right now. Questions immediately arose from the specifications garnered from that listing. Is this the Glacier, or is it the already well-known G2?

Motorola Milestone in Canada Getting Android 2.2 in First Quarter of 2011

When we brought you the latest information regarding Motorola's upgrade plans for their Android-powered devices out there in the wild, the initial big surprise was that the Motorola Milestone over there in Europe had been given the green light for the roll-out to Android 2.2, beginning some time in the fourth quarter of this year. Considering Motorola hadn't known whether or not they would upgrade the device initially, it was pretty big news. But now, in a move that no one expected, Motorola has out-done themselves.

Dell Aero for AT&T gets $100 retail release [Updated]

Dell's Streak tablet may be getting all the Android attention for the company in the US, but they've followed up with a retail launch of the Dell Aero smartphone.  Packing a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 touchscreen, 624MHz Marvell CPU, 5-megapixel camera and triband UMTS/HSPA for the AT&T network, the Aero is available direct from Dell priced at $99.99 with a new, two-year agreement. Your money also gets you Dell's UI enhancements, together with WiFi and Bluetooth, all wrapped up in what the company reckons is - at 3.67oz - one of the lightest Android smartphones around.  Any takers? Update: We spoke to Dell and they confirmed the Aero runs Android 1.5 Cupcake.  They're calling the OS a "superset" of Cupcake, due to their modifications:
Dell developed a tremendous amount of customization and features on top of cupcake to deliver the experiences that matter most to customers. Popular features Dell incorporated on top of cupcake include Microsoft email with Active Sync, handwriting recognition, one-click upload of photos to social sites. We’ve also pre-loaded popular applications such as Facebook with integrated phonebook and calendar, added a connection manager, and implemented Search on the device or web. Additional benefits for the Dell Aero: ·         Dell Aero comes with an 8x zoom with on-device photo & video editing functionality ·         Asynchronous BT/Wi-Fi ·         Multiple widget support ·         Sync with Windows Media Player ·         Desktop Suite Syncing tool – includes syncing with iTunes (Non DRM)
[youtube MW8dDT6KczQ] [gallery] [via SlashGear]

Teased Samsung Galaxy Tab will get IFA 2010 reveal [Video]

Samsung has launched a new teaser promotion for their Galaxy Tab tablet, officially confirming the 7-inch slate's existence ahead of its debut at IFA 2010 next week.  Full details of the Android 2.2 tablet are still unknown, but Samsung has confirmed video calling - suggesting the rumors of a front facing camera were indeed accurate - together with augmented reality and Google Maps Navigation. There's also the usual web browser and ereader functionality, and the Swype onscreen keyboard will be preloaded.  We'll be at IFA 2010 next week bringing back all the details; anybody tempted by the Galaxy Tab over, say, an Apple iPad? [youtube U3Q58MEEomI] [gallery] [via SlashGear]

Motorola Droid for Verizon Upgrade to FRG22D Rolling Out Tomorrow

The update to Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid may have not gone as perfectly smooth as everyone would have liked, but at least it's over and done with. Or, at least it should be. We're still hearing a few scattered reports from owners out there that they never received the Over the Air (OTA) update for their device. This may or may not help them get that, as the FRG22D update to their device is meant for Droid's with Android 2.2 already installed (officially), and it brings with it one notable feature: the ability to download Adobe's Flash Player.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet Available for Pre-Order

It's been a little while since we've heard from Velocity Micro. Their Tablet and Reader were a notable topic a few months back, but since then they seemed to just drop off the map entirely. Apparently they were hard at work on making their devices the real deal, because Velocity Micro has just announced that the pair of Android-powered devices are available for pre-order right now.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted in the Wild Again, This Time in Australia

Anyone out there still think that the Galaxy Tab, the Android-powered Galaxy S-inspired tablet from Samsung doesn't exist? This is, what, the second or third time (total) that we've now seen the tablet pop up in the wild. We're expecting an official announcement any day now from Samsung, but until then we've got to keep staring at these photos. Except, just to make it all the more tantalizing, we've now got some video of the device being used.

Vodafone Terminating Galaxy S Carrier Warranty if Not on Carrier Approved Firmware

There are devices out there, like the original HTC Hero, that have both carrier branded versions, and purely unlocked models floating around. This differentiation between devices can make it somewhat troublesome for manufacturers to release official software updates to their handsets, as they not only have to deal with unlocked devices making their way around the globe, but also those carrier branded versions, which have to deal with carrier optimized software. But manufacturers, like HTC and Samsung, have figured out a way around that: simply release the updated software via your website, for the appropriate device, and let the owner update on their own.

Motorola Updates Android Upgrade Timeline

Each time Motorola updates their Android upgrade timeline, it manages to make headlines. Not surprising, considering that every time it happens, something interesting changes. This time around, though, it takes the cake. Just weeks after we reported that Motorola was still wondering whether or not they'd even take time out of their day to upgrade the Motorola Milestone to Android 2.2, they've now decided to go ahead and do it.
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