The roll out for Android 2.2, or Froyo, has gone relatively better than expected. It’s managed to make its way to some devices that many didn’t think would get it until the end of the year (like, Christmas time), and we’ve even seen a device officially launch with the updated mobile Operating System. With that being said, though, there’s still plenty of folks out there waiting for their update. For example, T-Mobile UK customers out there with the HTC manufactured Desire? They’re still waiting.

According to T-Mobile UK’s official forum, and from a T-Mobile UK representative, it’s now been confirmed that the Desire won’t be getting the update to Froyo until September. There’s not even a specific date given. Just the generic “next month.” We’re not too surprised — the hang-up had to happen somewhere, some time. Just odd, since Vodafone customers with the same device are probably getting their update this next week. If you’re on T-Mobile, keep your patience cap on. Hopefully it won’t be September 30th or something.

[via EuroDroid]