T-Mobile offering Motorola CLIQ handset now

Motorola has one of its best devices in years on its hands with the new Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR. The new handset has been described by our sister publication SlashGear as the most appealing Motorola handset in years. If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can get your hands on the CLIQ today.

Alex Android-based dual-screen ebook reader by Spring Design

Ebook reader apps for Android have been in the Android Market for some time now, but we've yet to see a production ebook device that uses Google's open-source platform.  That could change imminently, however, with the unveiling of the Spring Design Alex ebook reader, a dual-display slate that has a standard 6-inch E Ink panel up top and a second, 3.5-inch color LCD touchscreen underneath, while Android runs the whole show.

Motorola Droid Android 2.0 boot up screen

Hot on the heel of recent Android 2.0 leaked screen shots comes the boot up video of the Motorola Droid (if this is indeed the real deal). Yes, this does indeed confirm the name of the Android phone heading to Verizon. There isn’t much to see yet but BGR noted, “more coming soon.”

Android 2.0 Eclair gets early preview

We'll never knowingly turn down a glance at the future, and when that future is what Google have planned for Android further down the line we're even more interested.  The BGR have obtained an early build of Android 2.0 Eclair, and set to detailing all of the major changes over the currently public OS 1.6 build.

Acer Liquid A1 gets hands on treatment

I mentioned that Acer Liquid A1 Android smartphone that tipped up earlier this week before. The handset looks cool and the first time we laid eyes on it all we could see were a few still photos of the device. Today a full hands on has tipped up to give us a bit more of an idea what the device is like.

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Lite spied in running wild again

If you have been anxiously waiting to get your hands on a new Android device and that sleek and sexy i5700 Galaxy Lite that keeps popping up online floats your boat, D-day has to be close. The device has again been spied in the wild. One of the times the handset was spied it was a non-functional version, but this time around the thing is up and running.
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