According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt the adoption of Android is about to “explode.” Yeah, I would say that is a safe guess with all the Android devices hitting the market over the next few months from handsets to eReaders and set-top boxes.

AndroidGuys gave a few tidbits from a call that Schmidt was on. One of the most interesting tidbits was Schmidt saying, “Android now 12 devices in 26 countries, 32 carriers.” Those 12 devices are certainly widespread; imagine what will happen when those 20 devices Google promised are on the market.”

Google CFO Patrick Pichette is also quoted from the call saying, “On a quarter over quarter basis, mobile searches grew 30% on Google. It tells you something about the mobile space, the smartphones, and how they are transformative. They are basically transforming how people live on a mobile basis. If we move forward the adoption of these mobile phones by lowering the cost because it is open source, think of how many searches [that will produce].”