More than a few people got excited at the prospect of a $100 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet when a no-name manufacturer sprang out of China marketing the Novo7… and immediately became less excited at a $60 shipping fee that seemed more than a little fishy. Now the same low-powered tablet is sitting pretty with a pre-order status on import sites PandaWill and Merimobiles, both of which seem legitimate enough as far as Internet storefronts go. The latter is claiming an $80 discount off of the “retail” price of $200.

Just for a quick refresher, the specs on the Ainol Novo/Novo7/Knight/Paladin (it seems to have something of an identity crisis) are as follows: a 7-inch screen with just 800 x 480 pixels, a 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. The resellers note that it comes with the Android Market, but I would frankly be amazed if this turns out to be true. Considering the brief experiment Android Community pulled with the Galaxy Nexus screen density, I’m kind of amazed they managed to force Ice Cream Sandwich to display its tablet interface on a resolution that is a little low even for a 5-inch device, let alone a 7-inch.

So, will the somewhat lower price and less shady sellers convince you to lay down your hard earned cash? It shouldn’t. In the next few months dozens of cheap ICS tablets will become available, and almost all of them will feature better specs and less cringe-inducing credentials than this little guy. For just a little extra cash you can pick up the Archos Internet Tablet 70b, a Honeycomb tablet from a respected manufacturer with an active mod community for just $200. You’ll be seeing a home-grown ICS build on the hardware soon enough, and an official update eventually.

[via Liliputing]

  • I will be ordering this stuff

  • ordered one from pandawill last friday, still no shipping/tracking number sent to me. tomorrow imma have to have a chat with them. i paid for courier shipping instead of regular/registered airmail… and i already chatted with them monday because it was showing sold out. NOW I WANT MY TABLET SHIPPED  🙁

  • Anonymous

    LOL no dual core no camera GPS 
    and low resolution 
    why would i buy that crap?

    • lol

      Because its cheap you idiot.

    • Android

      Are you kidding me? Do people really lack common sense and minimal intelligence in today’s world? It is only $120 dollars how would you expect a camera or GPS and a high resolution screen. Unbelievable. And you call your self “TechGuy21”.. mind blowing.

  • Motobikeguy

    I have bought their older Tablet Novo 7 Advanced (Novo 7A)… Loving it!! Does every thing I trow at it.. The Novo 7 Paladin is ment to have almost the same specs but with a better resolution screen… My Novo 7A runs ICS… well enough (still Beta version)…

  • Now the same low-powered tablet is sitting pretty with a pre-order status on import sites PandaWill and Merimobiles”. … Umm no…  Just looking at them you can tell they are two completely different tablets. The Paladin looks like one of those cheap tablets they are selling at every store in America right now for $89. The $160 one you are referring back to, the one on Ainovo’s official site looks awesome, and has better features, including two cameras, and a professional looking bezel. C’mon Michael do some research (hell you don’t even have to go that far.. just open your eyes and look at them), these are two different devices.

  • Anonymous

    lol…Ainol. what a choice of name.

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